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Coloring Pages

Turtles coloring pages to print and color

A selection of free drawings to print and paint with children See Have you ever seen a cute and cuddly little turtle like this one? Print this beautiful drawing of a small turtle swimming in the sea for free, and invite your children to color it with colored pencils or markers.
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Child hygiene

The attraction of children to bad smells

After hundreds of diapers changed to our children, surely our pituitary is more or less used to bad smells: now we are somewhat more insensitive to those sibylline pedets or forgotten poops in the toilet. However, it surprises me, the great resistance they have our children to the bad smell of a room full of sweaty shoes and feet, or hot with farts, after a menu of legumes.
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Biblical names. Christian baby names. E - K

Find the etymological meaning of the most common names of saints and their date of celebration. Choose your baby's name, consulting our list of biblical and Christian names, in case what you want is to maintain Christian customs and culture in the family. They are names that appear in the Bible, beginning with the letter E through K, and that can be consulted when choosing the name for the baby.
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Proverbs - Sayings

39 Interesting Short Sayings About June For Kids To Learn

Popular sayings are ideal for learning a moral of the most special thing that is transmitted from generation to generation. On our site we have compiled a few short and popular sayings that tell children about the month of June. Tell your children about them and tell them about the meaning of each one of them, it will be the best way to bring them closer to the rural world and the experiences of their ancestors.
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What are Cancer parents like?

Do you want to know what Cancer parents are like? The signs of the zodiac can serve as a guide for parents to get to know each other a little more and also know the character that their child will have.Astrology not only worries mothers, it also worries parents a lot. Both men and women like to know the strengths and weaknesses of their zodiac sign and to know if the description fits with who they really are.
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The hare and the Tortoise. Fable in pictograms about effort for children

What if instead of telling your little one the fable of & 39; The Free Woman and the Turtle & 39; by Aesop, you form a mother-son or father-son team and do it together? Perhaps it is a bit small to know all the letters, but with this version that we present to you, everything will be easier. Here you have the adventures and misadventures of these two animals in pictograms to tell the children about the effort.
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