How to deal with childhood stress

How to deal with childhood stress

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When our child is especially tired, irascible, inattentive, and abruptly changes his mood, he may unknowingly suffer from stress. Child stress is associated with some change in your life that disrupts your order. It doesn't have to be a seemingly big change. For example, the arrival of a brother may be enough.

The best in these cases is locate the source of stress. Parents can then help him sort out his world and his feelings and boost his self-esteem.

Faced with a case of childhood stress, parents must help our children in different ways. The first one is to realize that something is happening in their lives, something that is not temporary, something that must be addressed and solved as soon as possible.

Following some simple guidelines can greatly reduce the impact of stress on children, such as:

1 - Maintain good habits and routines, in food, sleep and hygiene of children

2 - Encourage children to play sports frequently

3 - Reduce the number of hours in front of the television or other screens

4 - Control the number of extracurricular activities that children do

5 - Promote dialogue in the family, actively listen to what they want to explain to us, that they tell us about everything that worries them, whether it be about the school, their friends, siblings, ...

6 - Facilitate and encourage children so that they can do some of their favorite activities

7 - Be less demanding, be more flexible and tolerant of children

8 - Create a serene and calm environment at home. It is important that children feel safe, in an environment that is as stable and balanced as possible.

9 - Spend time with them, playing, reading, listening to relaxing music, watching a movie or simply enjoying the privilege of being together.

10 - Help them to express their emotions, to put words to their feelings, to have them draw or write them. Help them find a way to channel anger, sadness, joy, fear, ... talk naturally about all this as a family.

11 - Practice a relaxation technique appropriate to the age level of our children. There are several of them that can be practiced at home and as a family, as part of another game or activity. They can enjoy yoga, mindfulness or meditation.

When the situation overwhelms us, we must seek professional help, here they will help us to deal specifically with the problem that affects our child.

Children also feel stress, although many times, as many do not know how to express their emotions or feelings, it may seem that they do not feel it. The increasingly rapid pace of children's activities is one of the triggers of childhood stress. Here are some resources on child stress.

Safe corner technique to reduce stress in children. You may have heard of the safe corner technique for reducing stress in children. We tell you more about how this method can help your children escape from situations that cause anxiety. In addition, we propose some relaxation techniques.

4 main reasons why children suffer from stress. We talked about childhood stress, its causes, its symptoms and how to manage it at the V Encuentro #ConectaConTuHijo, organized by our site with Úrsula Perona, child psychologist and disseminator. Do you want to know how to avoid stress in the family?

Stress and the use of social networks by children. Low self-esteem and stress, this is the dark side of social media for children. If a child has a tablet or mobile it is because their parents have left it to them, so it is necessary for parents to be aware of the use that their children make of social networks and new technologies.

Japanese method of de-stressing parents and children. We tell you how to end family stress in a simple way. Stress is the most widespread evil in our century. It affects parents and children. Learn this Japanese technique to eliminate stress from parents and children and thus prevent it from ending up affecting everyone's health.

A fun eco game to relieve child stress. Do you know the echo game? It is an activity to do as a family and that helps reduce stress for children and parents. It is a way to improve family communication and end the tensions at home caused by the lack of positive touches and quality time together.

The foods that cause the most stress in children. Children suffer more and more stress. Did you know that there are foods that cause stress in children? Look at the list we have prepared and, in addition to reducing the number of extracurricular activities and encouraging outdoor play, check the type of diet your children eat

Table to measure the level of stress of parents with children. When parents are stressed we do not give reasons but we impose. A high level of stress very negatively affects the communication we have with our children. The reactions to children's situations are different depending on whether we are more or less stressed, so we leave you a table of reactions according to our stress level.

Story of the Eustolia rat to explain stress to children. With this story you can explain to children what stress is. It is titled 'The Eustolia Rat in the City' and its protagonist is a little rat who goes to the city and feels very stressed by everything he finds there. In addition, we propose some activities to do with your children after reading.

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