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What the baby learns at two years

What the baby learns at two years

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The curiosity and independence they are two of the main characteristics of two-year-olds. At this stage, children become active explorers of their environment, since when autonomy takes its toll on them, want to do activities on their own, and they will achieve it thanks to their persistence and their desire to discover the world. Here is a summary of all the skills and abilities that children can acquire at two years of age.

It must be borne in mind that within the evolutionary development, we have to mention the different areas that make it up: sensory-motor, cognitive, language and social / emotional affective area. Based on these areas of development, in early childhood education the different learning areas dividing it as follows:

  • Self-knowledge and personal autonomy
  • Knowledge of the environment
  • Communication and representation

Here are some of the things children learn at two years of age within these learning areas:

- Children of two years they learn to recognize their own image and that of others. Identify the parts of the face, such as the eyes, nose, and mouth, and of the body, such as the head, arms, hands, legs, among others and to point and name them through fun games. They also begin to identify themselves sexually, they already know if they are boys or girls.

- It is a stage in which at the motor level his movements are still very rough, and they have barely acquired the manual clamp, but it is a good time to start working on fine motor skills.

- They learn habits of Healthy lifesuch as washing hands, resting after each activity, eating habits such as spooning, eating solids, and chewing.

- If there is something that marks the time of the two years, this is for the toilet training.

- Their game is becoming more elaborate, they begin to accept and understand their rules, to share toys, to move around in order. And to say hello and goodbye, as well as listen to colleagues.

- Although its spatio-temporal conception is still very poor, it does begin to acquire some basic spatial notions related to one's own body, objects and actions, day - night, as well as the passing of the seasons.

- With one year we started learning primary colors, because little by little we will introduce more colors to those already learned, red, blue, yellow and green.

- They already understand logical series of two elements and an attribute, such as shape, discriminate and compare objects according to their shape, size and color. We develop the logical thinking, visual attention and relationship skills.

- And in language there is a great verbal explosion, much earlier in girls than in boys, acquiring good pronunciation, intonation and structuring of simple sentences. They understand how a conversation works, learning to wait their turns, to listen and look at others.

As you can see is a stage very rich in acquisitions and learning for childrenThat is why I will provide adequate and rich stimuli, they will guarantee a correct development of children in this great stage of their life.

At two years of age, children are ready to become interested in books and stories. Reading stories, told by their parents or caregivers, is a good resource for them to begin to understand some values. Therefore, we have put together some short stories suitable for children of those ages.

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