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Children's stories of grandparents and grandmothers

Children's stories of grandparents and grandmothers

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Through stories, children learn about life, the environment and the world around them. On our site we offer you a selection of stories about grandparents and grandmothers so that you can learn more about the importance of grandparents in raising grandchildren.

In the stories we find sullen, funny, creative grandparents, dedicated to their grandchildren, original or moody, but all of them are very special and bring countless good things to their grandchildren.

Grandparents play a very important role in each of these stories that we have selected. You can read them aloud with your children so they know more about the role of grandparents.

Short story Grandfather Alejandro. This is the perfect story to read with children on Grandparents' Day, which is celebrated on July 26 or August 28. Grandfather Alejandro is the story of the special relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren and granddaughters. We have accompanied the short story with reading comprehension activities.

Penelope's grandparents. Talking about Alzheimer's with children can be a bit tricky, and to help parents, we have prepared a children's story entitled "Penelope's Grandparents." In addition, we propose some ideas that will help you explain to your children what this degenerative disease is.

Clara's grandfather. Childish story. We invite you to read with your children Clara's grandfather, a beautiful and tender story for children about grandparents. A story about the wisdom of grandparents and all the good that the passage of time brings. Stories to stimulate relationships between grandparents and grandchildren.

The old heart. Story about grandparents. A children's story about a heart that beats faster when younger hearts pass by. A story with a metaphor to talk with children about the passage of time, about the emotions of their grandparents. Stories with teachings to read with our children. New children's stories.

The tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Traditional and new stories published by readers. Short story of little red riding hood, her grandmother and the wolf. Read this short version of the classic children's story: Little Red Riding Hood

Heidi's short story. On our site we offer you the short version of the story Heidi, a story about a girl who goes to live with her grandfather in the mountains and then spend time in Frankfurt with Clara and the fearsome governess Rottenmeier.

The story of Grandfather Philemon. Stories for children that talk about grandparents. Grandfather Philemon. Grandfather's day. What the experience, wisdom and talks of grandparents bring to children. What inheritance grandparents leave for grandchildren.

The woman with the pockets. The Woman of the Pockets. Children's, popular and traditional stories for children. New children's stories from our readers. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

Daniel and the magic words. Daniel and the magic words is a children's story that will make your child reflect on the importance of words and kindness. Values ​​are the rules of conduct and attitudes according to which we behave and that are in accordance with what we consider correct. This story encourages kindness in children.

Chinese stories for children. Chinese tales. A story that talks about the value of honesty and what children can learn from grandparents. Short stories to read aloud to children.

Poems or poems are resources that work very well when you want to give something emotional and full of surprise and love to your grandparents. Learn these poems about grandparents with your children, and teach them to recite them for their grandparents. All grandparents need is to experience emotions with their grandchildren.

In the House of my grand parents. This short poem for children is the perfect gift for Grandparents Day. This nursery rhyme is titled At my grandparents 'house and the grandchildren can learn it to recite to grandparents and grandmothers on July 26 or August 28, Grandparents' Day. In addition, we give you educational activities.

My grandmother is a fairy. The day I was born, a popular poem about grandparents. Poetry about grandparents for grandchildren to recite aloud. Poems to read to children about grandparents and grandmothers.

My grandfather. Short poem. On our site we offer you short poems about grandparents for children to memorize and recite to their grandmother or grandfather. My grandfather, poem by Chilean Pablo Cassi. Poem that talks about the gifts that grandparents give their grandchildren.

White hair On our site we offer you short poems for children to memorize, in this case about grandparents. Children's poems are a way to bring literature to children.

My grandparents. Grandchildren can learn this nursery rhyme dedicated to grandparents and grandmothers, My grandparents, and recite it to them. rhyme and recite it to their grandparents who will be excited and very happy for the effort their grandchildren have made. And it is that grandparents bring many good things to grandchildren and this poem is in homage to them.

To the grandparents and grandmothers. On our site we offer you short poems so that you can read aloud to your children and then they can memorize and learn. In this case, it is a poem about grandparents and grandmothers, those people who are so important in the lives of children.

Grandpa playing. Short poem The grandfather playing. Grandparents and grandmothers give so much to their grandchildren that they are the protagonists of many poems and poems that grandchildren write as tributes. Poems are ways that children express their feelings.

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