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Let it Rain. Children's songs

Let it Rain. Children's songs

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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. brings us the lyrics of the beautiful song Let it rain, let it rain, for children to learn and enjoy in encounters with friends and family. Its origin is in a town in the Valencian Community, Spain, where in the 16th century the chapel of a Virgin was housed in a Holy Cave. By 1726 there was a huge drought that endangered the crops. So the farmers went to pray at the Virgin of the Cave, and the next day it rained heavily.

We also present a selection of the best children's songs recommended by parents. Teach your children the popular songs of today and always. Know the lyrics of the most popular children's songs and enjoy singing and dancing with your children. Music helps stimulate the little ones.

Let it Rain, let it rain,
the virgin of the cave
The little birds sing
the clouds rise
Yes, no
let a downpour
with sugar and nougat.

Keep it raining
the birds running
Let the meadow flourish,
in the spring sun
Yes, no
let a shell fall
With sugar and nougat

And break the glass
of the station

Let it Rain, let it rain,
the virgin of the cave
The little birds sing
the clouds rise
Yes, no
let a shell fall
with soap and water,
above the mattress
And that I don't get wet

Singing with children has many benefits for their physical, emotional and mental health. In addition, singing with children increases their vocabulary, stimulates their concentration and memory, improves their vocal and auditory abilities, and transform moments and situations of stress, anxiety or tension into a more relaxed and calm moment. Help your children to express themselves better by singing with them these songs in videos that we have prepared on site.

The benefits of dancing for children are endless. Dancing with children corrects bad postures, exercises coordination, balance, elasticity and body expression; it favors the respiratory and digestive system and improves their blood circulation. Make your children streamline their movements and stay more cheerful and happy, dancing with them these fun children's songs, accompanying their choreography:

Choreography of the song I have a doll dressed in blue. If your children love to dance, we invite you to dance with the Traposo bear and the collaborator of our site Silvia Leal the children's song I have a doll dressed in blue. We have created a very simple and fun choreography for children with which you can have a good time singing and dancing as a family.

Choreography of the children's song Don Gato. Dance and sing with the mascot of our site, the Traposo bear, the popular children's song Don Gato. We have created a fun easy choreography for kids. And is that dancing is a fantastic activity for children. It's fun, it helps them exercise and improve their coordination.

The best dance choreographies for children. We offer you a selection with the best dance choreographies for young children. They are very popular songs and very simple dance steps. The best children's songs to dance with children. Very simple choreographies and dance steps for children.

Choreography of the song El patio de mi casa. Do you feel like dancing? We teach you to dance with this fun choreography for children. Sing and dance El patio de mi casa, a popular and well-known children's song that has been part of children's games for years. Learn the steps of this song for kids, easy choreography for kids.

Song choreography Let it rain, let it rain. Enjoy and have fun with this choreography for children. We invite you to dance to the children's song Let it rain, let it rain. It is a dance with very simple steps so that younger children can learn them, exercise, improve their coordination and, above all, have a lot of fun. Easy and fun children's choreographies.

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