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A surprise for Quique. Short story about the illusion of children

A surprise for Quique. Short story about the illusion of children

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Without surprises and illusion, life would be much more boring, right? Quique's aunt wants to surprise her nephew after not seeing him for a long time and decides to give him a very special gift with which this boy will be amazed. Share with the children this short story by Marisa Alonso entitled A surprise for Quique. Talk about wonder, memories, and illusion. Surprise!

In addition, we have accompanied this children's story with some educational reading comprehension activities and we suggest you surprise your children using the same resource that the story talks about. Do not miss it!

When Quique entered the house, he dropped his backpack to the ground, his eyes widened, at the same time that his mouth and he began to stutter:

- Aunt Eeeleenaaa! - He yelled hugging her.

Yes, it was her. His mother's little sister, his godmother, whom he had not seen for three years except by video call, because she went to live abroad for work, when he was only four years old.

- Aunt Elena! - He said crying again without being able to believe it.

Elena hugged him crying too. Quique was his godson and his only nephew. Sitting at the table, Quique did not take his eyes off his aunt. He was holding her hand and did not let go of her throughout the meal. He breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that he would be staying ten days in the city.

After lunch Elena took Quique to her room and gave him a package. Quique's heart was beating rapidly when he began to unwrap it: it was a piggy bank!

- Quique, you will see that it is a piggy bank, but it is not an ordinary piggy bank - said the aunt to the child.

Quique caressed it between his hands: it was a carved wooden box, probably made by his aunt, of medium size, with a slot in the upper part.

- What do you think is inside? she asked him.

- Tickets! - He answered shrugging his shoulders when he saw that there were no coins.

- Do you believe? - Elena insisted.

- Clear! - Said the boy winking at his aunt.

- Well, you're wrong! It's a time box - Told him.

Quique's eyes widened again and he looked at his aunt for her to continue counting him.

- The box is empty, but I have already told you that it is very special. Whenever I come I will put money in your piggy bank - he continued.

- Quique! - He said, so that he would pay attention - I want you to write a letter; I'll write another one and we'll put them in the box at the same time. You won't be able to open the piggy bank until you are eighteen years old. You have to promise me!

Quique looked at his aunt in disbelief, mentally counting.

- Eleven years! - He said, and began to count again on his fingers.

Elena laughed when she saw the boy's face.

- There's still more. I would like that you would also put something that you would like to find when you were that age, think about it! I'll be here for a few days and we'll do it together.

When Quique went to bed, he couldn't sleep thinking about what to put in his letter and what to put in the box.

Two days before Elena had to go back to work, Quique told her:

- I already have it!

The two of them, in the room, opened the box and Quique verified that, as his aunt had said: it was empty. Elena showed him a bill and inserted it, then took the letter out of her pocket and put it in too; It seemed to him that he had left something else behind, but he said nothing.

Then it was Quique's turn. He put his letter: a nice and colorful drawing that I had made that morning, a keychain of a ball, a story and a little package wrapped in gift paper. Elena smiled when she saw him, told him to put the date on the letter, locked the box in front of the boy, and inserted it through the slot. Both of their eyes were sparkling when they looked at each other thinking about the future.

His aunt Elena had given him a great surprise by showing up at his house - Quique thought - but the real surprise was to start that great adventure in time with her.

What a surprise Aunt Elena gives Quique! If you liked reading this story, be sure to do some of the activities that we propose below. They are designed for children of different ages and courses, so you will have to adapt them to the level and knowledge of your children.

1. Reading comprehension questions for children
The first thing we are going to propose are some reading comprehension questions that will help you to know if your child has understood the reading and if he has paid attention to it.

  • Who came to Quique's house giving him a big surprise?
  • Why had they not seen each other for so long?
  • What gift does he make?
  • What does Quique decide to put in the box?
  • What is the best surprise for the child?

2. The word detective game
This activity is designed for elementary school children to review some of the concepts they have learned in language class. We should ask them to become word detectives and look in the text of the story for the following examples: a preposition, an adjective, a verb in the past tense, and an adverb.

3. Write a letter to Aunt Elena
A story like this can also serve as an excuse for children to practice writing. Therefore, we can suggest the following exercise: you must imagine that they are Quique themselves at 18 years old and, therefore, the time has come to open the piggy bank that Aunt Elena gave him as a child, how does it feel to see what What did he keep there? Ask your child to write a letter to Elena explaining it to her.

4. Illustrate the tale
There is nothing that children like more than illustrated stories, so this story is the perfect excuse to encourage children to make a beautiful drawing that tells the story you have just read.

Surprise and amazement are two emotions that cannot be lacking in the education of children. It makes the little ones (but also the adults) live with joy and enthusiasm, maintain their infinite curiosity to learn more and more, investigate what interests them, react to what is new and disconcerting ...

Therefore, from our site we suggest that you surprise your children and let yourself be surprised. Here are some ideas to get it.

- Do the usual, but in a different wayand. Sometimes it is as simple as changing a small part of our daily routine to amaze ourselves. For example, we can play a funny song to wake up or prepare a different breakfast.

- Find a phrase to accompany us every day. Every day, we can look for a phrase or famous quote that accompanies us and with which we can surprise the rest of the family or friends.

- Learn something new every day. Make it a point to learn something new, even simple, every day. We can research with our children, for example, on curious facts of nature, song lyrics, poetry ...

- Prepare our time box. Just like the main characters in this story, let's make a time box! We will be very excited to open it and discover our memories.

- Surprise another family member. We must amaze children, but also teach them to surprise others. Surely they will be as excited as receiving the surprise themselves.

May life bring you many many good surprises like Quique's!

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