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From which month the baby sits

From which month the baby sits

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During the first months of life, the baby views the world from an unusual perspective. Most of the time he is lying on his back staring at the ceiling until an adult is held in his arms and can see the world like other people.

The change begins when the neck muscles gain more strength and the baby is able to lift his head. With the help of an adult hand, he tries to sit up, even though he falls quickly Baby's muscles develop slowly, so parents should be patient. In no time, the baby will have crossed that threshold and will be sitting without help.

Then the question arises: but From what month does the baby sit?

When the baby experiences sitting, over three months of life, he does everything possible to be placed in that position. In the end, he's strong enough to get up, even though he balance is missing to stay seated. That is why adopting the so-called tripod position, in which the baby is held together while resting his hands on the floor.

Between four and seven months, almost all babies try to sit up on their own, without help from anyone. The muscles of the neck, back and legs are already developed and the baby can get up and stay in that position, which he loves. Usually this happens at five months, but some babies don't get it until the eighth month. Besides enjoying the view you have with that posture, the baby can use his arms and hands freely, He can reach for objects and examine suitable toys, and discover a new world.

Between seven and nine months, the baby is able to sit up for a few minutes. But now you are about to cross a very important threshold, that of crawl using all four limbs. All you have to do is lean forward when sitting and place your hands on the floor. Then, keeping your balance, you should only make small movements to crawl.

Babies usually begin to sit up from 4 months of age, although it is around 6 months when they can remain seated without support. If your baby is not interested in sitting yet, you can motivate him and help him do it with some games and exercises that can help strengthen the muscles of his back and tummy.

1. Put a blanket on the floor and on it the baby in the position on his back. Then, you stand in front of him holding him by his hands. Quietly tug on his arms a bit to encourage the baby to get up until he sits up. Then knock it down again. So will fstrengthening the belly muscles and at the same time you will feel like you are playing. Repeat the movement a few times.

2. Sit the baby on your lap, facing you. Rock him back and forth, holding him by his hands. That strengthen your back muscles at the same time that it amuses you.

3. On a blanket on the floor, sit the baby holding you by the hips. Count to 10 and put him to bed to rest. Repeat this exercises a few times.

4. On the same blanket, lay the baby on his back. Take a toy he likes and put it on his belly. The baby will try to stretch to pick up his toy and in this way he will be working his back muscles.

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