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March 29 is the saint of Eustasio. Baby name guide

Every time parents choose to put a name that some classify as 'weird' for their children. But more than strange, these are options that are already in disuse, but in which many centuries ago they lived their moment of glory. It is the case of Eustasio, who celebrates his birthday on March 29. Do you want to know more facts and curiosities about this name for a boy?

He Eustasio's name, also known as Eustaquio, means 'planted' or 'fruitful'. Therefore, if in your case he is a very desired child and has taken a long time to arrive, it is not surprising that you have chosen him. His saint is celebrated on March 29 in honor of Saint Eustasio de Luxeüil.

And it is that Eustasio de Luxeüil, born in French Burgundy in the 6th century, was a monk who had the desire to lead a life in peace and calm, as the monks of the desert did. He came to the town of Luxeüil and founded a monastery for that purpose.

His fame as a man of God crossed the borders of the enclosure and the French country, and Eustasio was sent to Germany to set an example. In his absence, the monks lose the discipline that Eustasio had taken so much effort to establish ... thank goodness that on his return he managed to pick it up where he left off!

He lived to be 60 years old and died just on March 29, hence this date was chosen to celebrate his birthday. There are also two other important saints: St. Eustasius of Naples and St. Eustasius of Naples.

His way of crying, the way he looks at you or how he reacts to a surprise can give you clues about the way your little one is. In our site We also have another method to better understand the personality of children. Have you heard of numerology?

The numerology is a science that establishes a relationship between living beings, numbers and mythical forces and thus, through the digits that hide each of the letters of a name, certain character traits can be glimpsed.

To do this, what you have to do is know what number is hidden behind the vowels and consonants that make up a name (E-5, U-3, S-1, T-2, A-1, S-1, I -9 and O-6). If you add all of them until you have a single figure left, what comes out? The number 1, which is synonymous with leadership and much more!

- Positive traits
They are very curious children who are always going to be asking 'Why, why, why'. Their interest in knowing new things will lead them to be very restless and to have a lot of initiative. These qualities will allow them to achieve great achievements and achieve all the goals that they propose. Effort and desire are the keys to get something, according to them.

- Negative traits
If there's one thing parents will have to struggle with, it's the cunning of these little ones. And it is that to get things they can use emotional blackmail. They are very stubborn and insistent and will use any strategy to get what they want.

If one of the things that has led you to choose this name is its origin, you may be interested in knowing other Greek names for children in case, at the last minute, you decide to change.

  • Alexander
    It is a very frequent name among future parents. A long name, with its own diminutive (Alex) and with a great meaning: 'the one who protects men'.
  • Eros
    Are you looking for an original and different name? That little has been heard but that transmits a lot of love and a lot of strength? Eros is your option!
  • Hercules
    Without a doubt, a name with a lot of history. Hercules was the son of Zeus and Alcmena, a mortal queen. The Greeks actually knew him as Heracles.
  • Nicholas
    It is related to strength and success. If you want your child to succeed, don't think twice! And if, in addition, it is born in the middle of Christmas, with more reason! Santa Claus is also known as Nicolás.
  • The O
    Nowadays it is more common to find this simplified name without the h between the T and the E. A short and easy to remember name that draws a lot of attention from parents. It means 'The presence of God, whom God covers with his presence.'

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