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Stories to help children solve their problems

Stories to help children solve their problems

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For a child (sometimes also for adults), it is very difficult to resolve a problem or conflict. This is because solving a conflict implies knowing how to manage emotions very well, being able to reflect and try to be fair. Complicated words for a child.

Since, We suggest you teach your child to solve problems using examples. And what better way than stories, fables and legends? Here you will find the best stories to help children solve their problems. Take advantage of them!

For a child to learn to resolve a conflict, nothing like a good example. In many schools, it is practiced by recreating scenes of possible conflicts. In others, regular assemblies are held. In them, the children present a problem and together they debate and try to find a solution.

Since We offer you some very valuable resources to work on conflict resolution with children. And we do not mean only fights between children, but also teaching children to face difficulties and overcome them successfully. In this case, you can read these stories and fables to your child and use the reading comprehension questions to reflect with your child on each of the conflict situations.

The Congress of Mice. The Congress of the Mice is a short fable written by Samaniego that teaches children that it is very easy to propose ideas but it is not always as easy to carry them out. Learn this fable, tell it to the children and carry out the different reading comprehension activities that we propose.

The two roosters. Tell the fable 'The two roosters' to your children and teach them the value of humility and modesty. A La Fontaine fable to promote children's reading. It is a short story that through a moral or message teaches what can happen when someone is arrogant and arrogant.

The sons of the farmer. The farmer's children fought over everything. This fable with a moral teaches children the value of solidarity, that is, when two or more people come together and collaborate with each other to achieve a common goal.

The two goats. The fable The Two Goats teaches children why they should not be so stubborn or stubborn, since with this story they will realize that with stubbornness they cannot solve problems. Fantastic fable of Aesop, very short and in audiovisual format so that children understand why it is better not to be too stubborn.

The greedy giant. We offer you the story 'The Greedy Giant', a children's story that talks about the importance of joining forces to overcome difficulties. It's about values ​​like cooperation and togetherness. In the story The Greedy Giant, some wasps help a grandmother to recover her three granddaughters who are in the power of an evil giant.

The tiger and the cow. We offer you a story about the value of honesty and sincerity: the tiger and the cow. It is a popular story from the Caribbean that the elders told the children so that they would understand why you should never lie and what can happen when someone is not honest and breaks their promise. A beautiful story with essential values ​​for children.

The angry princess. Tale of the angry princess. This children's story teaches how important it is to make friends to be happy and not always be angry in order to have friends. Tales of different princesses for children to learn to smile and not get so angry that it teaches the value of friendship.

The Wizard of Oz. Children's, popular and traditional stories for children like The Wizard of Oz. Do not forget to share with your children this beautiful classic story, so popular for everyone, that transmits some very important values ​​through its characters such as Dorita or Totó.

Hamelin's futist. The Pied Piper of Hamelin, a classic story to encourage reading in children. Short stories for children. Classic fables. Children's Stories.

The dispute of colors. The dispute of colors is a story with values ​​for children. Talk about jealousy, competitiveness and the value of cooperation. Use this story to transmit values ​​to children.

Ubuntu. What is Ubuntu? This is a story that has been passed down from generation to generation. Ubuntu tells of an African tribe that used cooperation on material goods to live in peace.

Perseus and Medusa. Short legends of Greek mythology for children. In this story the Greek hero Perseus ends the terror imposed by the Gorgon Medusa who turns the whole world to stone.

The clever mouse and the greedy eagle. The clever mouse and the greedy eagle is a very popular fable in Latin America that tells children about the power of intelligence and common sense in the face of greed. A fable that transmits interesting values ​​to children and that you can use as an educational tool. Fable that comes from the Andes.

The head of colors. Story about envy to read to children and explain the harm it can cause this horrible feeling to them and others. Story about emotions to read with children. How to teach values ​​to children through stories. What is envy and how is it born.

The boy and the sweets. Fables are short and brief literary narratives, usually in verse, that always end with a teaching message or an instructive moral. Short fables for children.

The lion and the Mouse. The Fable of the Lion and the Mouse is a fable with values ​​for children that speaks of humility, generosity, kindness ... Enjoy this beautiful narrated version of one of Aesop's most famous children's fables.

Tatú and the party cape. Tatú y la capa de fiesta is a legend from the Andes that teaches children the importance of solving problems in a positive way. They will learn why it is not necessary to collapse in the face of difficulties and why it is better to forgive before falling into the feeling of resentment. Fantastic legend to teach values ​​to children.

The stubborn goats. 'The stubborn goats' is a popular tale from Puerto Rico that tells children about perseverance and self-confidence. This beautiful, very old story will explain to your children why it is so important to believe in yourself, regardless of physical appearance, height, physical strength. Beautiful lesson!

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