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Day of Saint John Bosco, January 31. Names for boys

Day of Saint John Bosco, January 31. Names for boys

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Juan is a name for a boy of Hebrew origin that means 'the one who is compassionate' or 'the one who is faithful to God'. A name that despite its age has not lost any of its appeal and remains immovable in the list of the most frequent names. If your son was born on January 31, it is a good idea to baptize him with the name of Juan Bosco.

The name Juan generally implies an intellectually restless, creative and sensitive personality. Juan has a helpful nature so he makes the perfect companion. Lover of tranquility, Juan does not like conflictsbut you have the resources to deal with them.

The multitude of variants it adopts the name Juan in different languages make your child's name one of the favorites of parents around the world. Joan, John and Jack in English, Jon, Giovanni, Ewan and even Iván are some of the best known forms, which are generally accompanied by another proper name, in this case, Bosco (referring to the word forest).

Bosco's name became universal thanks to the Flemish painter El Bosco, whose most important paintings can be enjoyed in the Prado Museum in Madrid. Among them are 'Triptych of the Adoration of the Kings', 'Extraction of the stone of madness', 'The Temptations of Saint Anthony' and, of course, the much commented 'Garden of Earthly Delights'.

Juan is a name with a lot of Catholic tradition. Thus it is not rare to find in the saints calendar of the year, various dates dedicated to the name of Juan.

  • Saint John the Evangelist, author of the Apocalypse, whose saint is celebrated on December 27.
  • San Juan Bautista, on June 24, a date that in some parts of the planet is celebrated in style because it marks the arrival of summer.
  • San Juan de la Cruz, who celebrates his name day on December 14.
  • San Juan de Dios is celebrated as the saint of Juan de Dios.

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By last, its popularity over the years must be highlighted and, as a reason for such good acceptance, there are many celebrities from different areas of society who have worn and are proud of this name. Johann Strauss, Austrian musician; Juan Luis Guerra, Dominican singer; Juan Betancourt, Cuban actor and model; John Kennedy, American politician.

Known more as Don Bosco than as Saint John Bosco, his real name was Giovanni Melchiorre Bosco. He was born in the 19th century (1815–1888) and this Italian is known for three aspects: priest, writer and educator. He founded the Congregation of the Salesians and of Mary Help of Christians, from which he worked with commitment and dedication for the neediest youth and children, especially in Europe and Latin America.

Its imprint has also left its mark in many places on the planet, giving names to towns, streets or squares in different corners. Thus, it is possible to travel to Italy and contemplate the views offered by the Don Bosco hill, fly to Costa Rica and stroll through the Don Bosco neighborhood or attend the pilgrimage that venerates this saint in the city of León, Mexico every Tuesday.

Saint John Bosco revolutionized the way of understanding education. He was in favor of replacing punishment with dialogues and communication with young people. His work was recognized when in 1934, Pope Pius XI beatified him. In addition, through his writings, he has left us several phrases to reflect on the values ​​that we want to transmit to our children.

1. Don't put off tomorrow the good you can do today. Maybe there will be no tomorrow.

2. Without trust and love, there can be no good education.

3. Rest never means laziness.

4. If you want to be loved, you have to love yourself first.

5. Do good to everyone, and do not hurt anyone.

6. Always be the first to enter class and the last to leave it.

7. Patience polishes many difficulties.

8. Never say 'it's not my turn' but rather 'I'm going'.

9. Being good does not mean never committing a fault, but knowing how to correct it.

10. Children should be brought up with love, friendship and responsibility.

11. For the young we must be willing to endure any setback and fatigue.

12. Young people should not only be loved, they should feel that they are loved.

13. As loving parents, let's always kindly correct.

What personality is your baby going to develop? Even if you think it may seem a bit adventurous, we can follow you that, thanks to numerology, we can find out some of the traits that will affect your little one's character.

To do this, you just have to know which are the digits that are behind each letter of this name (J-1, U-3, A-1 and N-5) and add them all until there is a single number, in this case , the 1. What does it mean? What positive things and negative traits can we discover in Juan through the number that will mark his life?

- Positive traits
He is a leader par excellence! He loves to organize, to be the main protagonist in all meetings, to lead the way. He has great charisma and that means that he is always surrounded by people. Despite the fact that he always likes to stand out, he is usually very cooperative and supportive with others.

- Negative traits
He has a strong character and, at times, loses his patience easily. It is also difficult for them to respect the rules of the house a little, because they are very independent and free, and they do not like to be controlled by anyone.

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