4 inspiring values ​​that Kobe Bryant transmitted to the children of the world

4 inspiring values ​​that Kobe Bryant transmitted to the children of the world

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Kobe Bryant is a name that will never be erased from our memory. Known above all for his professional career in the world of basketball, he was also known for his desire to improve and for his perseverance. In we review the values ​​that Kobe Bryant transmitted to children and we close with some of his most famous phrases that will undoubtedly become the best of inspirations.

Kobe Bean Bryant, better known as Kobe Bryant, was born in Philadelphia (United States) on August 23, 1978. He was a basketball player known and loved by his peers and also by his adversaries. He played twenty seasons in the NBA, all of them in the Los Angeles Lakers team, from 1996 to 2016, at which point he decided to retire. Basketball legend Kobe Bryant passed away on January 26 at the age of 41 after suffering a helicopter accident involving 9 passengers, including his 13-year-old daughter.

What we are here to tell you this time are the values ​​that the basketball player transmitted to boys and girls around the world. Definitely a fighting person who knew what he wanted to achieve in life. And it is that Kobe has formed and will always be part of that small group of special people that we can well call heroes of our time.

1. A passion for sports
Without a doubt, this is the first, and one of the most important, value that Kobe transmitted and will always transmit to the smallest of the house: the passion for sports. Kobe Bryant is, to date, the fourth leading scorer in NBA history. His desire to become an elite athlete took him far, however, more than eagerness we can say that Kobe was clear that his passion was sports, specifically basketball and therefore he fought until he managed to reach the top.

2. Constancy, constancy and more constancy
We can well say that Kobe are one of those few people in the world who are already born knowing how to play basketball, you just have to take a look at his professional career as a basketball player to realize it, however, nobody has given him anything .

The former player knew that to play in a team like the NBA, you had to show perseverance in every way. Without a doubt, another value that is worth transmitting to our children, don't you think? Let your children see that we can all make our dreams come true if we put all the effort that is in our hearts.

3. Overcoming
Kobe surpassed himself in each training session and in each game he played, that is why he has become so loved by everyone, teammates and rivals, or is there someone who did not know his name? The perseverance that we have talked about before is joined by overcoming, the desire to do things the best possible and to give the best of oneself. Yes, you were right, it is another value that you cannot stop showing your children for the world.

4. The value of knowing how to appreciate the little things in life
It may be that knowing how to appreciate the beautiful things in life cannot be called 'value', but you will agree with me that it is the basis for being happy. Kobe Bryant knew it and that is how he made it to his loved ones.

We share with you the best phrases of the basketball player Kobe Bryant, all of them perfect to think, reflect and transmit to children.

- 'Everything negative, pressure, challenges; everything is a chance for me to get up'. Life is a challenge, even more so the goals that we have set ourselves, overcoming them with motivation will make us stronger.

- 'The most important thing is to inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do'. Kobe knew the importance of helping others, especially from personal motivation.

- 'I'll do what it takes to win gamesWhether it's sitting on a bench waving a towel, giving water to a teammate, or shooting the winning shot. ' All members of a team are valuable, each and every one of them has something to contribute.

- 'Sports are a great teacher. I think of everything they have taught me: friendship, humility, how to resolve differences. ' Sport not only helps us to train, it can also teach us essential things, including how to be better people.

Kobe Bryant is and will always be an example to follow.

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