The two basic requirements that children need from their teachers

The two basic requirements that children need from their teachers

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What defines a good teacher? What do parents want from their children's teachers? ¿What children need from their teachers? After going through college, chatting with classmates, and practicing in the classroom, I've come to the conclusion that there are two very important requirements that all teachers must meet. These qualities are essential for the proper exercise of the profession.

As a teacher, I consider that there are two aspects that are the most important for those who want to dedicate themselves to this. One is The vocation and another is the capacity for continuous training.

They are two characteristics that every teacher must have and that must go hand in hand at all times. We spend a lot of time with the boys and girls in class, sometimes almost more than with the family itself. That is why a teacher without vocation, without the capacity for empathy, without training ..., can provoke in the child negative consequences For their develpment. These are some of the main ones:

- Low self-esteem.

- Unsafety.

- Loss of confidence in the adult.

- Frustration and inadequate emotional management.

- School failure.

On the other hand we find, more and more, with students with special educational needs SEN and attention to high capacities AACC. That is why, if we want cater to diversity and to provide a quality education to all equally, it is necessary a continuous and renewed training.

At this point, another key question arises. Is it so universities training future teachers To serve a diverse student body? Is it a useful training to apply in your classroom?

From my experience and after speaking with several students, in teaching practices, I consider that the training is insufficient and many times it does not adjust to what the future really holds in a classroom.

Therefore, it is important that teachers stop for a moment to think about the state of the profession in general and the way in which we specifically approach it. Doing self-criticism and reflection, we must think: how many times have we left a faculty session and have 'whispered' that it has been a 'lost' hour and that has had no value for our training?

I consider, being very critical, that we must have more relevant and practical training, which on the other hand, is where we really learn and observe the reality of our students, and less time of irrelevant training and that does not promote, at all, our vocation. This means investing less in theoretical training and more in practice.

In the same way that I believe that a doctor must be very well trained to tackle the difficulties faced by his patients; We, in different ways, face other difficulties that we must also know how to tackle in time and prevent them from growing older. Therefore, hecontinuous and quality training, is essential as teachers.

I dare to say that from my point of view, and surely that of many teachers and fathers and mothers, those teachers without vocational capacity or who do not agree to receive continuous training, should rethink whether they really want the best for their students or just look for your comfort.

For this reason, I end the article, in the same way that I started it: vocation, capacity for continuous training, empathy and interest in our students as the center of education.

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