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Revamped Biblical Names for Boys Inspired by the 12 Apostles

Revamped Biblical Names for Boys Inspired by the 12 Apostles

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Names inspired by the Bible remain to this day the most common and used around the world, regardless of the language spoken. They all sound very traditional and classic, however, taking inspiration from the biblical names we can come up with some more updated and modern names. It's a nice way to give a little twist to the usual names, to make them sound more original. Here are some names for boys inspired by the 12 apostles of Jesus.

Names inspired by the Apostles are very common in Spanish-speaking countries and even in English-speaking and Iberian regions, which is where Christian traditions predominate.

The origin of giving children a name inspired by the religious figures of the Bible begins with onomastic names, that is, with giving the child born the name of the saint who governs the day of his birth. As with the holy names, which is to give a child the name of a religious character even if it is not the day of celebration.

Although many people still choose the classic names, one of the trends today is to find a variant of that name in another language. This way it looks and sounds interesting, but at the same time it manages to keep its original meaning. This is what happens when we choose names like Mary or John, instead of Maria or Juan.

Let's see those biblical names for boys! You will love them because, although they are inspired by the 12 apostles, they sound very modern.

1. Ian
Ian is the Scottish variant of Juan and is trending today. Its origin is Hebrew and means 'The mercy of God' or 'He who is faithful to God'. We can find this name for a boy in the Bible as John the Baptist, the cousin of Jesus. But John was also one of the 12 apostles, more specifically the younger brother of James, the youngest of Christ's disciples who also belonged to his 'Circle of Beloveds'.

2. Piero
Italian variant of the name Pedro, better known for being one of the main apostles of Jesus, since he was left in charge of the construction of the Church of Christ and therefore became the first Dad. The origin of this name is Latin 'Petrus' which means 'Stone'.

3. Thomas
Thomas was one of the most common male proper names of ancient times, its origin is Aramaic and means 'The twin'. Little is known about his role as Apostle of Jesus, but for him the saying of 'You have to see to believe' became famous since he doubted the reincarnation of Jesus until he managed to see it with his own eyes.

In fact, and as explained by Ángel Iglesias Ovejero of the University of Orléans (France) 'The proverbiality of the proper name and the proverbial figures', the name of Tomás has already become for popular culture almost a synonym of disbelief or of doubt, just as Methuselah is of longevity or Judas of betrayal.

4. Frame
Diminutive of Marcos and also its variant in Italian, it has its origin in Latin as a masculine proper noun 'Marcus' which means 'One consecrated to Mars'. Saint Mark is known within the Bible for being the author of his own Gospel, as well as the founder of the church of Alexandria, taking the role of its first bishop.

5. Paolo
Italian variant of Paul, he is known in the Bible as 'The Apostle of the Gentiles' and was the founder of several Christian communities in the main urban centers of the Roman Empire. The origin of his name is Latin 'Paulus' and it is a proper masculine name and means 'humble man'.

6. Simon
Known in the Bible as 'Simon the Zealot', we know that he was one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus, but there is not much information about him, besides that he was a renowned theologian and doctor. The name Simon comes from the Hebrew roots, as a masculine proper name whose meaning is 'He who has heard God'.

7. Judas
Although this is a rare name in children, it could not be missing in this list of names inspired by the 12 disciples of Jesus. It refers to Judas Thaddeus and Judas Iscariot.

Among the names of the 12 apostles, these are the longest. Parents looking for nicknames with more grace and poise will be delighted.

8. Felipe
It is both a male proper name and a Spanish male surname. It comes from the Latin 'Philipus' and the Greek 'Philippos' which means 'He who loves horses'. As a disciple of Jesus he was always in the company of Bartholomew. If you want to give this name a more renewed touch, you can choose its variant in English Philip.

9. Thiago or Tiago
This name is known as the Portuguese variant of Santiago. Its origin in the Hebrew language means 'God will provide us'. This name is a variant widely used in recent years, as it gives an interesting and masculine character. Santiago Apóstol or Santiago Mayor was one of the first martyrs of the Church after taking the message of Jesus to the world. By the way, his birthday is celebrated on July 25.

10. Matías
This is a Spanish variant of the name Mateo, one of the most used for newborns at this time. It is a proper name of Hebrew origin 'Matityahu' whose meaning is 'The gift of Yavheh'. A curious fact about this Apostle is that he was chosen by the other disciples after the death of Jesus, as a replacement for Judas Iscariot.

11. Bartholomew
Male proper name of Aramaic origin 'Bar Tolmay', meaning 'Son of Ptolemy'. He is known for being an Apostle named Nathanael, a faithful companion of Philip and for being a descendant of the Ptolemaic Dynasty. A curious fact is that his image has not undergone many changes over the years in the history of art.

12. Andrew
Its origin comes from the Greek 'Andrós', whose meaning is 'Manly' or 'Man denoting virility' and is a reference to the masculinity of men. It is said that the Apostle Andrew was the first disciple chosen by Jesus, he was known as Protocletos which means 'The first to be called'. Today it is one of the most common names for children around the world, in its different variants.

Which of the names of the Apostles or their variants is your favorite? Go ahead and look for the equivalents of names in other languages, you could be surprised with their grammatical appeal, without leaving aside their sacred meaning.

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