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A bad student. Biography in a children's tale of Albert Einstein

Do your children know who Albert Einstein was? Neither more nor less than one of the greatest scientists of all time. Marisa Alonso has written a funny biography on Einstein's tale so that all the children come closer to his life. In addition, we have accompanied this story with some reading comprehension activities and some scientific experiments and mathematical games.

He began to speak with more than three years and his parents thought that something was happening to their little Albert.

Although he did not have a fool's hair, to the despair of his teachers, he was a lazy kid and he wasn't a good student.

- Albert! Haven't done your homework? - His teacher said looking at his blank notebook.

- Albert, this account is wrong! - I would say another day.

- I do not like studying! - answered the little boy yawning.

The only thing he showed interest in was the violin his mother played. When he was five years old, he became ill and did not go to school for several days.

- Look what I bring you, Albert! - said his father.

- What is dad? - Albert answered with a sparkle in his eyes when he saw the package.

Albert spent the whole day looking at the compass, that was his father's gift, admired that there was such a great force that made the arrow always point towards the same place: north.

Since that day began to show interest in science, Curious about the world and everything around him, although in class he was still bored like an oyster.

- All the children have passed grade except you! - His parents told him upset.

- We don't like your attitude at all! - His teachers told him.

One day a new teacher arrived, and since then Albert began to like mathematics and physics very much.

One morning his father took him to his workshop and he told him about electricity And from that very moment, Albert was amazed that something that could not be seen was so important in life.

She then grew up wondering about space, light and the sun, while still enjoying playing the violin with her mother.

He studied so much that, against all odds, that boy who had always been a bad student for everyone, became a teacher, wrote articles made discoveries for science that nobody would have imagined.

He became very famous by publicizing The theory of relativity, in which he spoke that everything that happens depends on the observer's point of view. The bad student was actually a genius.

To check if the children have been paying attention to the reading of this biography in tale, we suggest below some reading comprehension questions. They are based on what you have read so, in case you do not know some of the answers, you can reread the story.

They are 'true or false' questions. For questions that are false, ask your children to transform the statement into a truth.

1. Albert got very good grades and all the teachers were delighted with him.

2. He was never interested in science.

3. Albert was in awe of the power and operation of electricity.

4. Albert Einstein became one of the great geniuses of the century, thanks to his discoveries and research.

To make the children reflect on what they have read, we also propose the following questions. Surely they are very useful for engage in an interesting and educational talk with them.

- Do you think that a child, for getting bad grades, is stupid?

- Albert ended up fulfilling his dreams, what are yours?

- Would you like to be a scientist or scientist?

Don't be surprised if, by reading this story with your children, you awaken their scientific vocation. And there are many little ones who have a little scientist inside, and they don't even know it! For this reason, below we propose some math games and science experiments with which children will have a great time.

- Game to guess numbers
All children are fascinated by this mathematical game that allows you to guess the number that anyone is thinking. And while it looks like magic, it's actually math! Memorize with your children the step by step of this game so that they can later teach it to their friends. They will be amazed!

- Craft for younger children to learn to add
With these jars of liquid yogurts, a bit of eva rubber and some colored sticks, younger children can learn to add in a very fun way. Take note of this craft!

- The Lava Lamp Experiment
This experiment to create a glass that gives light will amaze anyone, especially the little ones! If you want to spend a very fun afternoon with your family, do not hesitate to do it.

- The walking water
With this science game children can learn more about secondary colors and color mixing. In addition, the result of this experiment is so attractive that you will want to stop decorating it at home.

More scientific experiments

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