The rich experience of grandparents

The rich experience of grandparents

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Grandparents can contribute so much to grandchildren that no child should miss out on the experience and wisdom that comes from our elders. The first years of a child's life are basic, and they are like sponges and absorb everything that happens around them. Therefore, grandparents, along with parents are the closest references that children have and from which they can acquire great learning.

Of all my grandparents, I remember my maternal grandmother with special affection, I even have memories of when she was very young. I remember the rich smell that came from his kitchen, how he taught me to crochet, how he liked to cheat at cards or how he covered my face with kisses.

Now I also see in my children how important their grandparents are to their development as people, so much so that my young son often 'invokes' his grandfather's name when he seeks comfort if I scold him.

I could cite hundreds of things that grandparents do well to grandchildren, these are just some of them:

- You learn with them things from other times, ancient customs and another way of living life.

- The grandmothers recipes They are priceless, they are delicious and you will never taste them so delicious again.

- His kisses and hugs are one of the most sincere displays of affection.

- Tea transmit tranquility and a greater peace than parents, always so stressed.

- They are always attentive to your requests and requirements, even when parents tell them not to spoil you so much.

- They know what to say to make you feel better and raise your spirits.

- They have many things to teach you, curious and funny things.

- They know how to listen and have more time to hear your stories.

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