Admission of the child to the nursery

Admission of the child to the nursery

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When parents take their baby to nursery for the first time, it is not easy for either of them, and especially if the baby is older and for example has already reached one year, the crying of separation can be quite devastating. But in our society, daycare is necessary, especially in homes where both parents work.

Even though it's hard, the first day of kindergartenparents must be stronger than children. Do not run away so that the baby does not find out that you have left while he was distracted, this could confuse them. Before leaving the nursery door, parents need to tell the children that they are leaving and that they will come back later to pick them up.

Once goodbye is said, do not take the baby again in your arms even if you start to cry. If the parting is too long it will confuse the baby and it will be annoying for the parents. The nursery teacher will come to comfort her and by the time you have left, your baby will have been distracted by toys or other activities. It is important not to leave when the child is distracted because he could be afraid that you will not come back and that in the future it will be even worse when you leave him at daycare and he does not even want to leave the house.

Leaving the baby in daycare is not easy but it is necessary for many families. When the baby cries because he does not want to stay or the parents find it too difficult, it is time to know some strategies to face this moment and not be so hard.

1. Let time do its work. Sometimes time is necessary for everyone to get used to the new routines. It can be a couple of weeks and even months so that the baby can get used to it and be happy in the time spent in the nursery.

2. When the baby is dropped off or picked up from the nursery it is necessary show you that there is a good relationship with caregiversThis will help you become more confident.

3. If the baby cries too long in the nursery it will be necessary talk to the professionals at the center to think about lengthening the adaptation time.

4. If the baby does not calm down and cries for months and is really having a hard time, an alternative is child care at home. But the reality is, most children can settle into their new routine in no time.

5. During school parents can call the center to see if the baby is okay and how he is feeling.

6. When parents go to pick up their child it is important to spend a few minutes talking to the caregiver to know how the day has passed. This way, parents can feel better if they know that he is adjusting correctly.

7. Talk to family and friends Who have been through the same thing can help parents feel better during the adjustment process.

It is very important to show a lot of affection and affection when going to pick up the children from the nursery, so that they see the immense joy that one feels to be able to hug them again and give them all the love in the world.

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