Decalogue on colic in the nursing baby

Decalogue on colic in the nursing baby

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One of the most frequently asked questions by parents in the first weeks of their baby's life is, what is infant colic? These are episodes of prolonged crying, sometimes inconsolable, that they are repeated almost daily, especially in the afternoons and nights. It occurs in healthy children with a few months of life.

It is not a disease and so far no specific cause for colic has been found, it may even be a normal variant of crying. It is also important to know that it is normal for healthy children to cry for two hours or more a day, even if they don't have colic.

1- The causes of colic are not well known, psychological, social or digestive problems are considered.

2- Before colic you shouldkeep calm as it is a benign and temporary process.

3 - Go to comfort him and try to know why he is crying: hunger, thirst, diaper change, hot, cold.

4 - Make sure the atmosphere is calm and relaxed; do not transmit anxiety to the child.

5 - Massages in the abdomen, rides in a cart or car, soft music can be useful.

6- To help you eliminate gases and prevent colic, remember to hold it for a few minutes after feeding in an upright position so that it can expel them by burping

7 - Go to the emergency room if the child's crying is accompanied by paleness, sweating, intense decay or rejection of the feed. Also if you have a fever, vomit or have bloody stools.

8- Do not give him any medicine or change milk without consulting your pediatrician.

9 - At present, there is no treatment with proven effectiveness

10- It is important to understand that it is a benign disorder that ends up disappearing on its own with time (it is rare that it lasts beyond 4 months of age).

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