Childish sincerity

Childish sincerity

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Lying creates an environment of mistrust in the family and among the child's friends. For this reason, it is very important to train children, from a very young age, in sincerity and frankness. For that, it is not enough to give them advice and examples. More must be done: get them to despise lies, value and want sincerity and truth.

How can we parents educate sincerity in children? Sincerity means expressing yourself simply, clearly, and truthfully. It is very important to transmit this value to children. They must learn to always tell the truth, with respect and without offending others.

- From 3 to 9 years children learn habits related to honesty more easily.

- The 5-year-old He is in the sensitive period of sincerity, that is, he learns to be sincere through imitation and observation.

- At the age of 6 he begins to understand the moral value of truth and may strive to achieve this value, although it may be difficult at times to carry it out.

Teaching the value of sincerity is essential for children to acquire other values ​​such as openness, loyalty, honesty, trustworthiness, trust, justice, friendship or responsibility.

It is possible to educate children in sincerity and instill in them the importance of telling the truth, how ?:

- In childhood it is common to confuse reality with imagination, therefore it is not necessary to scold the child when he suffers a confusion of both planes.

- Lack of sincerity can be motivated by low self-esteem in the child and lack of self-confidence, therefore it is important to reinforce the child's self-esteem.

- If the child lies to get attention, we must focus on what needs the child is having that we do not address or why he has that feeling of lack of attention on our part.

- Sometimes children's lies come to avoid receiving punishment, therefore, we must create a climate of trust so that they can be honest without fear of reprisals.

Source: AMEI - WAECE

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