Talking is not the same as talking with your children

Talking is not the same as talking with your children

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Blah, blah, blah ... many times we do not realize it but the communication we have with our children is one-sided. If your son stops doing one of his homework, you start talking without brakes, unloading a lot of reproaches and you don't listen to what he says.

If you still don't talk to your son, don't be surprised if one day he starts talking to you without stopping and without listening to you. Dialogue is a habit that can be acquired by your child since he is a baby.

Why do we have this habit of talking non-stop? Have you ever thought about that? I do and many times. I realized that the attitude of speaking without listening to the children is completely useless. Communication only works and reaches a common denominator, that is, understanding between the two, if there is a two-way conversation between parents and children, back and forth.

Research carried out at the University of California (UCLA), United States, reveals that chat with the kids helps them enrich their language, their vocabulary and increase their intellectual development. It is better than reading them a book or leaving them in front of the television or computer for an afternoon.

Some 300 families participated in the research, published in the medical journal 'Pediatrics'. Conversations between parents were recorded and sons, from waking up to going to bed, a full day each month and for 6 months for one group and 18 months for another. It was found that the children who spoke the most with adults were those who acquired the richest language. Even children who seemed more withdrawn and quiet at first became more talkative. Talking is not the same as talking with your children. Instead of a monologue in which only the father or mother speaks and the child only listens, it is necessary to reshape the communication with the son. Listening to him is as important as talking to himas you can help him develop speech and language skills.

Let's not talk to them, but let's talk to them during breakfast, lunch or dinner, at bath time, during a walk, on the way between school and home, before they go to bed. Opportunities will not be lacking.

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