Children's fear of competing

Children's fear of competing

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Most children would like to be the best at something, be it in school, in sports, in music, in art, etc. Children who compete are more likely to have a negative attitude towards competition Because of the demands of the environment, so much so that children can deny their competitive feelings rather than deal with them in a healthy way.

When children are afraid to compete they are afraid of failureThey don't want to feel like losers and they have little self-confidence.

When children are afraid of competition, they experience fear, anxiety, tension… they worry about the score and about the results. Although fears can be originated by various sources.

In the insane competition you have to try to overcome another however no matter what is being done, winning is the only goal. This will cause children to fear making mistakes or what they will say about them, causing great stress. However, when it comes to healthy competition, children will realize that what matters is enjoying the road, learn from mistakes, empathize with the other and improve one's results without thinking of leaving another below oneself.

Athletes sometimes develop a fear of failure when they worry about not getting what they want because they have worked hard to get it, such as winning a championship. They may be afraid of competition, failure, and even success when they worry too much about what to achieve.

Children need the help of their parents to understand healthy competition and thus not fear it because of the results.

1. Parents should tell their children they can do anything (and achieve it) if they are willing to work hard enough to achieve it. Practice improves people's ability, but the effort is more important than the result, and above all improving the personal brand.

2. Furthermore, when a child is afraid of competing, and therefore also afraid of failure, it is best to understand fear and deal with it. It can be fear of embarrassment, what others will say, etc. It is important for children to understand that they should do things for themselves rather than constantly worrying about what others think.

3. Parents should work on the idea that they must not be perfect in order to make the best effort. Mistakes are a natural part of life and what is really important is that you trust your abilities.

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