4 games to practice assertiveness with children

4 games to practice assertiveness with children

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Assertiveness is a very important skill to relate to others. It implies not only what we say but how we address the people around us (look, tone of voice ...).

Despite the fact that during life, people develop different styles to solve conflicts: aggressive, passive ... Assertiveness is the only thing that does not make us lose opportunities, allows us to express ourselves, effectively resolves conflicts and makes us relate better with others. Hence the importance of teaching children from an early age to be assertive.

If you want to encourage your child to be assertive at home, you must start with the whole family. The best training begins by playing at home with the whole family and that is why we offer you games that you can easily put into practice at home and that will allow you to develop assertiveness:

1. The sentiment box: This game helps the child to express his feelings appropriately. Why not put a sentiment box at home where we can express how a situation has made us feel? On the weekend we can read all the messages, so our son can understand how that particular situation made them feel. For example: 'I felt bad when my brother didn't let me play with his friends.' In case you can't write it, you can draw it. The objective is that we all start by saying: I felt…. When….

2. Five good or bad minutes: Another way to express our feelings is to play the game of the good and bad 5 minutes. It is so simple how to bring the family together for a little while each day so that we can all talk about how our day has gone: One thing that we liked and another that we did not like at all. The only requirement will be that we look into each other's eyes.

3. The story in chains: This game helps in the peaceful resolution of conflicts. There is nothing better to learn than a story, so in addition to encouraging creativity and reading, you can improve your assertiveness by playing a chain story. To play, write your own stories where together you think of ways to resolve conflicts, the only requirement will be that the protagonist faces the problems in a non-violent way. To get your imagination to flow better, try starting the story yourself: 'That cold winter morning, Marco didn't want to go to school. I was very afraid of Germán because… 'It will be a linked story where everyone will shape those characters and their problems.

4. The debate: It raises a question that we all have to agree on. The rules will be to listen to all points of view, respect the turn of others and speak without hurting others. The game can be proposing things to them. For example: 'What 3 things would you save if the house burned?' 'Which Superpower would you choose?' Once the question is asked, give them a list of different things to choose from. In the case of the house you could put his favorite toy, Tablet, photos, television…. Make a list of 10 things, choose 3 each and then everyone must come to an agreement as a family. If you want to add difficulty, try giving each one a style (assertive, passive and aggressive) and throughout the debate they have to act according to the style that they have played. Or if you want to be even more practical, try doing it with things that we all have to choose: where we go on a trip, choose the menu of the week….

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