The arrows of the warrior. Tale about peace

The arrows of the warrior. Tale about peace

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Stories are great transmitters of values. We can use them as an educational tool. Reading aloud to children also has many benefits for them.

This story, 'The Warrior's Arrows', tells us about Peace and war, about how it pays to fight for Peace instead of waging war. A world in Peace, in short, is a more beautiful world.

Of all the warriors in the service of the evil Morlán, Jero was the fiercest, and the cruelest. His eyes discovered even the most cautious enemies, and his bow and arrows were in charge of executing them.

One day, looting a great palace, the warrior found some quick and bright arrows that had belonged to the local princess, and she did not hesitate to save them for some special occasion.

As soon as those arrows joined the rest of Jero's weapons, and they learned of their terrible cruelty, they protested and lamented bitterly. They, used to the princess's games, were not willing to kill anyone.

There's nothing to do! - said the other arrows -. You will have to murder some poor traveler, wound a horse or anything else, but don't even dream of going back to your old life ...

Something will occur to us- replied the newcomers.

But the archer never separated from his bow and arrows, and they were able to learn about Jero's terrifying life. They traveled by his side so much that they discovered sadness and reluctance in the warrior's eyes, until they understood that this ruthless fighter had never seen anything else.

Over time, the archer received the mission to finish off the king's daughter, and Jero thought that this occasion was well worth spending one of his arrows. He prepared himself as always: hidden among the bushes, his eyes fixed on the victim, the bow drawn, the arrow at the point, waiting for the right moment and ... letting go!

But the arrow did not pierce the heart of the beautiful girl. Instead, it made a strange, slow and majestic flight, and went to dive next to some lilies of incredible beauty. Jero, puzzled, walked over and picked up the stunned arrow. But in doing so, he could not help but see the most delicate and beautiful flower, and felt that he had never seen anything so beautiful before...

A few minutes later, he was looking at his victim again, loading a new arrow, and drawing his bow. But again he missed the shot, and after another strange flight, the bright arrow landed on a tree, right at a point from which Jero could hear the freshest and most cheerful songs of a group of birds ...

And so, one after another, the bright arrows missed their shots to show the warrior the small details that fill the world with beauty. Arrow by arrow, his eyes and his hunter's mind were transformed, until the last arrow ended up just a few meters away from the young woman, from where Jero could observe her beauty, the same one that he himself was about to see. destroy.

Then the warrior awoke from his nightmare of death and destruction, eager to exchange it for a dream of beauty and harmony. And after putting an end to Morlán's evil deeds, he abandoned his life as a murderer forever and dedicated all his effort to protecting life and everything worthwhile.

He only kept the bow and his glittering arrows, the ones that always knew how to show him the best place to look.

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