Children's crafts of homemade hats for costumes

Children's crafts of homemade hats for costumes

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As important as the costume are the accessories that the child takes with him. What would a witch be without her hat? Or a fairy without her wand?

In We teach you how to make caps and hats for children's costumes. Are handmade hatsal with easily available materials and also, children can participate in its development.

Here is a selection of caps and hats that you can make at home for your child's costume in a very simple way

Harlequin hat. The harlequin is one of the symbols of Carnival. If you want your child to be dressed up as this mythical character, on our site we teach you how to make a classic harlequin hat in a very simple way using eva rubber.

Santa Claus's hat. Felt Santa hat. This year, instead of buying the Santa Claus hat, on our site we suggest that you create it at home in a homemade way. We show you how to make this classic red Santa hat very easily using felt.

Hat with wig. If you want to make a hat out of cardboard with a wig included for the child to dress up, you just have to follow the simple steps that we propose in this craft. Crafts from our site for Carnival

Witch hat. We teach you how to make a witch or witch hat, step by step. Witches are one of the references of Halloween and one of the most demanded costumes by children during the holidays. Learn how to make this simple and inexpensive witch hat for a child's costume.

Toque. If you want your child to learn to cook, you can encourage him by dressing him up as a real chef. For this you only need to follow the step by step of this manual on our site. You will learn to make a homemade chef's hat in a very simple way and using a very easy-to-handle material: eva rubber.

Graduation hat. If you have to make a graduation cap or cap, follow the advice we give you on site. It is very easy and it is very beautiful. We have made the black hat and the yellow tassel, but you can make it in other colors, depending on what the child wants or wishes.

Clown hat. Clown hat. This craft for children that we offer you on our site is made with recycled household packaging. The result is a very funny and cheap clown hat, so that the children have a fun time.

Paper cap. Video tutorial to learn step by step to make paper figures, origami, children's crafts with children for entertainment, children's parties and birthdays. Fun games for children. Easy fun learn how to make a paper hat

Paper mache hats. Crafts on site. A good idea for your children's Carnival costume or a similar party for the little ones is that of papier-mâché hats.

Robin hood hat. On our site we suggest you make a Robin Hood hat so that your children can dress up as this adventurer for a Carnival party or a children's birthday. It is a very simple craft to do.