Crafts with eva rubber for children

Crafts with eva rubber for children

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The eva rubber It is an ideal material for making children's crafts. It is also known as ethyl vinyl acetate, eva, foam, foamy or sparkling. It is a thermoplastic polymer that can be combined with any other material.

Being a very easy to handle, cut and paste material, it is perfect for making beautiful and original crafts. There are them in multiple colors and even with textures like glitter.

On our site we have selected a series of crafts made with eva rubber that you can do at home with children very easily.

IPad sleeve with eva rubber. If you are looking for an original and, above all, very practical craft to make a gift for dad, on our site we have the solution. We teach you how to make a homemade iPad case using eva rubber.

EVA rubber bracelet. If your daughter is very conceited and loves to wear rings and bracelets, we suggest you make them at home and very easily. On our site we teach you how to make, step by step, bracelets with eva rubber and beads.

Communion basket with eva rubber. First Communion gift, step by step. On our site we teach you how to make a beautiful First Communion basket made with eva rubber. It is a homemade gift for the child to give to his guests.

Harlequin hat. The harlequin is one of the symbols of Carnival. If you want your child to be dressed up as this mythical character, on our site we teach you how to make a classic harlequin hat in a very simple way using eva rubber.

Eva rubber box. On our site we have made a beautiful box to store jewelery, treasures, candies or any other souvenir using only rubber foam. It is an ideal gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day or Valentine's Day.

Eye masks with eva rubber. On our site we teach you to make masks and masks for costumes. With these simple steps you will be able to make homemade Batman and Catwoman masks very easily for Carnival or a costume party.

Witch bag with eva rubber. On our site we suggest you make this original bag with a witch's face to place Halloween sweets. It is a craft made with eva rubber very simple to make and, above all, very fun. You dare?

Frame with eva rubber. Creating a frame is very easy and fun, it is also a craft that encourages creativity and imagination as it offers multiple possibilities. On our site we have made a frame with eva rubber and we have decorated it with beads in the shape of sea animals.

Witch hat with eva rubber. We teach you how to make a witch or wizard hat, step by step. Witches are one of the references of Halloween and one of the most demanded costumes by children during the holidays. Learn how to make this simple and inexpensive witch hat for a child's costume.

Graduation hat. If you have to make a graduation cap or cap, follow the advice we give you on site. It is very easy and it is very beautiful. We have made the black hat and the yellow tassel, but you can make it in other colors, depending on what the child wants or wishes.

Animal puppets. Learn to make animal crafts step by step in EVA rubber. Easy and fun animal crafts for kids. Puppets with ice cream sticks to play with children.

Bear mask. Bear mask with eva rubber for children. our site offers us a simple craft to make a bear costume. An eva rubber mask, easy to make and very eye-catching.

Tiger mask. Tiger mask for children. Children will have fun with this tiger mask craft that our site offers us. A good option for your child's costume, so that they can have fun playing in these happy parties.

Decorative animal mobile. Do you want to decorate your child's room with a very original and fun element? On our site we teach you how to make a decorative mobile with animal figures.

Homemade stamps with eva rubber. We teach you to make homemade stamps with different shapes, heart, flower, butterfly and star, using bottle caps, as recycling material and eva rubber. It is a very easy and fast craft to do with your children, and have a fun time with them.

Photo keychain. How to make a homemade keychain with photos for Father's Day. On our site we have found a simple, inexpensive and original idea. The idea is to make a nice keychain with eva rubber so that dad can put the house keys or the car keys.

Ornaments for the pencil. On our site we propose an original and fun idea to decorate your children's pens and pencils when they return to school. What if you learn to make a craft with him to stimulate and encourage them so that they return to classes with more joy?

Homemade dominoes for children. Learn how to make a homemade domino for your children in just a few steps. A craft for children made with eva rubber very easy to create. It is about encouraging children to create their own homemade toys. Do not miss this simple step by step and repeat it at home.

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