And you, how do you treat your son?

And you, how do you treat your son?

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We look for the best of schools for them, we care that they eat everything, in a balanced way. We do not forget his medical check-ups or his painting, judo or music classes.

We go out of our way so they have everything. We read them stories, we buy them the best clothes. The Tooth Fairy never forgets to pick up his tooth. And of course, we insist that they dress themselves, comb their hair, brush their teeth ... and yet something fails us: the way to treat them.

We often don't care for words. And the words are as important as any of the actions. Words, as important as a hug ... or as a punishment. They carry so much weight that they go straight to the heart. And even if our son is small, they remain there, recorded. Words can be like nails. Even if you ask for forgiveness, the scar will always remain.

The stress, the rush, the nerves ... the causes can be hundreds, but ... doesn't it happen to you that sometimes you end up saying things like this to your children ?:

1. 'You have to do it because I told you, period.'

2. 'Later, now I don't have time'.

3. 'Leave me nonsense, I have many important things to do'.

4. 'Come on, you look silly ...'

5. 'Yes, yes, yes ... tell me later.'

6. 'But be quicker, you're slow.'

7. 'Queeeeee, queeeeeee. Look how heavy you are! '

Many things depend on how you treat your child on a daily basis. Your words, your bad gestures and your indifference towards your child directly affects:

- The trust that your child has in others.

- Your self-esteem. Obviously, it will be lower.

- Your strength. It is probably weaker.

- Their little capacity to accept frustration.

- Envy and jealousy towards others.

- The fears you have, which will be many.

- You will always be aware of what others say. You will constantly feel judged.

- Imbalance in your emotions.

Obviously, losing your temper at any given moment is normal, and that does not label us as 'bad mothers' or 'bad parents'. But if this treatment is the usual, things change. Maybe we worry a lot because our son has everything and we neglect the most important thing: the treatment we give him.

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