What name do I give the baby? What parents are inspired by

What name do I give the baby? What parents are inspired by

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One of the decisions parents have to make when deciding to have a child is what to name it. Some are clear about it because they have always had a preference in terms of names, other parents make favorites lists and they discard until they stay with the chosen one and a few wait to see the baby's face to make the last decision.

If you are in the dilemma of choosing a name for the baby that is on the way, we will tell you about the choices of the dads and moms who follow our site, this way you may find your inspiration.

On our site we post this question on Facebook: What did you inspire when naming your baby? The responses were of all kinds. Some parents decided to choose a name related to a well-known character: so Verónica López's son is called Juan Pablo by the Pope and Tamara Alicea's daughter, Abigail, because she was a follower of a television series that bore that name.

Many other people decide to choose the name of a relative who has been important in their life, be it that of a much loved grandmother, a favorite uncle or a brother who died. In this way, Verónica Villasanti chose the name Alejandra for her daughter in honor of her paternal grandmother and maternal great-grandmother. Dibelit Elena chose Victoria Isabel, not only because the arrival of her baby was a triumph since it took a lot for her to get pregnant, but because Isabel was called her maternal grandmother.

Some parents have told us that they decided to find the name for their baby in specialized books, or even by searching the Internet for the meaning of the names. Patty de Parada explains that her son is called Jessed because it means friendship with God, and her daughter Valentina because its meaning is a brave woman.

Even some moms and dads decide to base themselves on the saint of the day, so Katheryn's son is named Valentine. And how did you choose it? Tell us your story and share it with other parents.

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