Children with disabilities

Children with disabilities

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Children with disabilities are all those who have some impairment, be it physical, mental, intellectual or sensory that affects them when it comes to integrating and participating fully in society.

Helping the integration of children with disabilities is everyone's task. In We tell you how we can stimulate and help children with disabilities and how to teach others to respect and accept them.

We tell you what the different ones consist of types of disability and what activities can be done to stimulate different disabilities.

Children with visual impairment. The role of society in front of a child with a visual disability is extremely important for the child to feel integrated, considered and respected.

Children with hearing disabilities. How to know if a baby hears well. How to know if your child is not deaf. Symptoms of childhood deafness. Our site offers us some clues that can help parents detect possible deafness in their child. Learn about the causes and ways to prevent deafness in children.

Children with motor disabilities. All children have the right to play. Children with motor disabilities can participate in children's activities with slight adaptations to play. Games for children in wheelchairs.

Children with autism. Autism is a disease of which the origin is still unknown. Autistic children appear to be absent from the world, as if they live in a parallel world. The autistic child avoids eye contact with other people and yet they may stare as if they were staring at nothing. But can autism be cured? What treatment does it have?

Children with Asperger's Syndrome. Asperger children have normal appearance, normal intelligence, and some special abilities. However, they are children who have difficulties relating to others and their way of behaving is not appropriate at certain times. Know a rough profile of a child with Asperger syndrome.

Children with Down syndrome. Down syndrome is an abnormality in the chromosomes that occurs in 1.3 out of every 1,000 births. For reasons that are still unknown, an error in cell development leads to 47 chromosomes being formed instead of the 46 that usually develop. Excess genetic material slightly changes the regular development of the body and brain. Children with Down syndrome.

Children with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is the most common brain injury in childhood, and the WHO defines it as a disability, not a disease. Learn about the causes and treatment of cerebral palsy in children. Brain disorders derived from infantile cerebral palsy.

Games for children with motor disabilities. Each child is different and each disability needs individual and personalized attention. But there are a number of games that can be beneficial for children who share a specific type of disability. We list some of them. Games adapted for children with motor disabilities.

Dolphin therapies for children with disabilities. Dolphin therapy in children. Dolphins are used in numerous treatments with children who have some type of disability or disorder. For example, they are used in the case of children with autism, they are Down syndrome or cerebral palsy. In most cases, these therapies are indicated by a specialist, either a psychologist or a physical therapist.

Help children understand disability. Parents play a critical role in how a child will act with a partner or friend with a disability. How to teach children to respect and act towards other people with disabilities.

Sensory stimulation for children with disabilities. Sensory stimulation for children with Down syndrome. In the multisensory classroom, great improvements are achieved in the concentration and coordination of children with disabilities. It is especially suitable for children with autism, language difficulties, deafness, paralysis or visual impairment.

Stimulate through games. Children with disabilities. Stimulate through games. The most effective method to obtain benefits in stimulation in children with disabilities is play, since it is also flexible and adapts to the needs of each disability.

Drooling in children with disabilities. Drooling in children with cerebral palsy or other disabilities is caused by inadequate control of the muscles of the throat, mouth and tongue.

Toys for children with disabilities. It is important not to put in the hands of children with disabilities only toys that are aimed at younger children. Care must be taken not to limit their abilities and potential by giving them little stimulating toys. It is very important to start from the child's possibilities and not from his limitations. Interview with the pedagogue José Antonio Pastor.

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