How to prepare a vacation trip with a baby

How to prepare a vacation trip with a baby

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Just thinking about having to carry bags, crib, toys, diapers and everything that goes with caring for a baby, many parents come to feel discouraged to schedule a vacation trip. Some go to the point of preferring to stay home than having to pack everything they would need to bring. If this is your case, cheer up, going on a trip with a baby can be a unique experience, unforgettable and full of surprises.

My husband and I always think that traveling is the best investment anyone can make in life. For this reason, we have always been clear that when we had a child, we would not stop enjoying travel. But when our daughter came, everything changed. We have not stopped traveling, but we have had to choose other, quieter destinations and go adjusting our adventures to the needs of our baby.

When you have a baby, a trip must be well planned, and without improvisations. The safety and protection of the baby comes first. Necessary choose a destination that offers the right conditions so that the little one can rest, feed and be entertained in some way. Beach or mountain, but that is a place that does not put the health and well-being of the child at risk.

The details of the trip are very important. We must pay special attention to your baby's luggage and organize everything that we will need. We must consider that they will need appropriate and suitable clothing at the temperature of the place you have chosen to go on vacation.

Remember that babies are unpredictable and they will need extra clothes since they can dirty more clothes than you can imagine. They should also include a large amount of diapers, a toy, a travel cot, creams, etc. Apart from clothing, food is another important point. It is not only recommended that you bring milk of the formula indicated for their age (even if the baby is breastfeeding), but you also have to try to respect their feeding and sleeping schedules.

If you go by car, do not forget to put the baby in the back seat, facing backwards, and accompanied by an adult to watch it. The baby should never ride in the arms of another person. In the arms, only in a plane, mainly during takeoff or landing, so that you are calmer and do not feel the discomfort of pressure changes. If the journey is long, the best thing is that you travel by plane during the night. Before booking the flight, inform the company that you have a baby and that you need a seat with more legroom. For the rest, if you have everything controlled and calculated, you don't have to worry. Traveling with your baby will be a unique and unforgettable experience. You will tell us.

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