Common childhood illnesses caused by viruses

Common childhood illnesses caused by viruses

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Infections and illnesses can generally be caused by viruses or bacteria. Many times we refer to them as if they were the same thing, however they have great differences and cause different diseases.

Viruses are organisms that do not have cells but do have their own metabolism. They do not move or grow but they do mutate and reproduce.

Infections caused by viruses are more difficult to treat since these microorganisms live inside the cells of the body, in this way, they are protected against drugs, in fact, antibiotics do not work against them. Vaccines are our great allies against them. On our site we tell you what are the common diseases caused by viruses.

Mononucleosis. What is mononucleosis. Many know it as the kissing disease since mononucleosis is transmitted through saliva. We tell you what are the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment of mononucleosis. It causes fever, sore throat and general malaise, but it is easy to treat.

Cold. Children and babies with colds, a condition caused by a virus. Learn about the symptoms and how to treat colds in children. And by the way, know the most common diseases in babies and children. Also learn how to treat upper respiratory conditions in children.

Measles. Measles in children and babies who were not vaccinated. Measles is an infectious-contagious disease that affects young, unvaccinated children. We tell you its causes, symptoms or signs, and how is the treatment for measles in babies and children.

Flu. Seasonal flu is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract and this virus is transmitted through the air, through the coughs or sneezes of infected people, or by direct contact through rubbing the skin. For this reason, it is very important to wash your hands frequently and avoid putting them on your face.

Herpes. Find out why childhood herpes appears in children and babies. What is infant herpes. Infant herpes is a common viral infection that comes in two varieties: cold sores or type I and herpes zoster or type II. Causes and cure of infantile herpes in children. Symptoms of infant herpes.

Parioditis or mumps. Mumps is a highly contagious disease in children, although it is not a worrying or serious pathology, so parents should not be alarmed by parioditis.

Cold. Cold viruses spread quickly between children and babies, since they are easily transmitted by contact and orally. In addition, they take advantage of the cooling of the mucous membranes when it is cold to enter the body. Everything you can do to prevent children from catching colds.

Rubella. What is it, causes and cure of rubella in children. Symptoms of the disease in children and babies. Most common childhood diseases, their symptoms and treatment.

Chickenpox. Chickenpox is an infectious disease characterized by fever and the appearance of rashes on the skin of children and babies. It is one of the most common childhood diseases in children and babies. Learn about the symptoms, risks, and complications of chickenpox in childhood.

Poliomyelitis. The polio virus multiplies in the central nervous system and causes severe paralysis. Polio vaccine. Most common childhood diseases.

Hepatitis B. What is hepatitis B and how is it transmitted. Guiainfantil offers all the information about hepatitis B in childhood. Symptoms, transmission, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis B in children and babies.

Hepatitis A. Hepatitis A in children. What are the symptoms of hepatitis A and how is this disease diagnosed in children? our site offers all the information about the treatment of hepatitis A in children.

Human papilloma virus. How is the human papillomavirus in children. The Human Papilloma Virus comprises a group of 100 different viruses that cause skin lesions and many are responsible for the most common sexually transmitted infections in the world. Explanation of the human papillomavirus in children.

Viral rash. Symptoms and characteristics of viral exanthema in children. A viral rash in children is a mild illness caused by a type of human herpes virus that causes fever and rashes similar to those of measles and rubella. How is the viral exanthema in children.

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