Less toys and more games with the children

Less toys and more games with the children

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My God, how many toys our children have! Her rooms are overflowing with them, and more than three toys I've been able to step on today while cleaning them. There is everything, toys that they never play with and others that always roll on the floor: construction pieces, dismembered dolls, mismatched cards ... Especially in these it would be convenient for us to do a review of the toys before the Kings Wizards bring new goodies.

We have all complained at times that our children have a lot of toys, and yet they are at our feet requesting our company. The fact is that having a room full of toys does not guarantee that our child will play with them.

Unfortunately, many times children are alone in front of their toys without wanting to play, because they have no one to share their games with. Many times parents are very aware that our child does not lack anything material and, nevertheless, we forget that the child needs our presence and of our participation in his games and in his life. We are your best toy! Our son needs to share his games, his illusions, his imagination and fantasy with others, this is the true enjoyment of the game. It can be more fun to play tag with another child than to be alone in front of a wonderful toy.

The specialists of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (Aepap and Sepeap) they advise fewer toys and more shared games and they recommend the recovery of educational toys such as books or stories, or others that allow us to share time with our children, such as riding a bicycle, walking, jumping rope ...

Every year the consumption figures show that the average number of gifts per child on these dates is very high and, however, it is much more advisable not to give them too many toys (no more than three) so that they can maintain the illusion for the toy received, and not be overwhelmed by an avalanche of toys that they cannot attend to.

The fundamental need for the child is to enjoy our company and the company of other children to play, and that cannot be satisfied by a large number of toys or the most expensive toy.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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