How to make the baby differentiate between day and night

How to make the baby differentiate between day and night

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Nothing can make you happier than the arrival of your baby, but you must prepare for a radical change in your life, your habits, your schedules and your hours of sleep. The babies they do not distinguish night from day and that's why they sleep at any time. And that's why they can also be awake at any time.

For a few months you will have to deal with insomnia trying to teach your baby the sleeping habits what do you need. We will tell you how to make the baby differentiate between day and night and how to accustom him to a routine of fixed schedules.

Although the best advice is patience, it is true that some tricks can help you 'explain' to your baby the difference between day and night. Here are some:

1. Use the crib only at night: For your baby to distinguish the day of the night you must make him differentiate the different hours of sleep by changing his place. The crib is only for sleeping at night.

2. No silence for the day: In the hours of the day that I spend sleeping do not eliminate noise, voices or clarity. This is how he will get used to it to silence And into the darkness of the night

3. Dim light if you wake up at night: When he wakes up for milk feeds during the night, do not light the room too much, speak quietly and in relaxed tone. This is not the time for games, but to rest.

4. Different clothes at night: Clothes With which to cover the baby while sleeping can also vary from day to night. During the day use a lighter blanket and at night use another that is more adjusted to the body.

5. Respect their learning pace: The baby will take a few months learn to distinguish the day of the night and a few others sleep through the night uninterruptedly, so you must be patient. Not all babies learn it quickly. Each one has a different learning pace.

6. Use a routine: Routines are accomplished by strictly following the same guidelines every day, regardless of who takes care of the baby when he wakes up crying or to give him his feed.

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