Christmas tree ornament. Felt crafts

Christmas tree ornament. Felt crafts

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Christmas is coming and it is time to decorate the house. The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of this decoration, a symbol that perfectly represents Christmas, and to which we add a multitude of ornaments in a thousand different ways.

But for children, surely the most fun way to decorate it is with ornaments made by themselves, like this felt Christmas tree. With this and other crafts you can spend a good afternoon and customize your tree.

  • Tree template
  • Red felt
  • Green felt
  • Black marker
  • String
  • Glue
  • Pair of scissors
  • Multiform scissors
  • Cotton

1. Print out the tree template (you can download it HERE) and cut out the silhouettes.

2. Place the template of the largest tree on red felt, and draw the silhouette with a marker. Put it back and draw another one like it. Do the same with the small tree template on green felt.

3. Cut the silhouettes along the line, try not to get out so that they fit better.

4. Glue the silhouettes of the green trees onto the red felt trees, so that they are well centered. Then, stick them together: Put glue on the back of one of the red trees, only on the edge and leaving one of the ends free (to insert the cotton). Glue the other one on top, so that both sides are the same. 4.

5. Insert pieces of cotton into the tree through the opening. Go pushing it with your finger, until it is fluffy. Put a string or ribbon on top, close the opening with a little glue.

6. Using scissors with a serrated edge, cut out the silhouette of the tree for a more original touch. If you don't have one, you can do it with small scissors, giving it the shape you like best. You now have a nice felt tree ornament!

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Here is the video to see the step by step of how it is done

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