Children's fear of exams

Children's fear of exams

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There are children who by nature are more nervous than others and are more prone to anxiety in the face of growth school responsibilities, and changes in their routines and customs. Many of them express their feelings of worry, but others suppress or hide it, so that it is much more difficult to help and reassure them.

Last weekend my seven-year-old daughter Ana suffered an explosion of fear and negative feelingsShe began to be very nervous all afternoon about her schoolwork, overwhelmed because she had many homework; I was surprised that he complained about homework in English, which is one of the subjects in which he excels the most.

I couldn't wait to get to work, so I sat down with her to answer her questions and try to motivate her. I thought that perhaps she felt pressured to continue being the "number one" in English, to not be able, once again, to live up to the level that was expected of her. And that's where the shots were going!

At night, now calmer, she got out of bed and told me: "Mom, I'm very nervous because I have an exam every day next week and I can't sleep." It made me realize that she was assuming her responsibility with too much concern for her age, she worried excessively about the test and the grade she would get, and as any mother would have done, I tried to reassure her, removing straw from the issue that worried her so much. which had made a terrible ball.

I told her: "I don't care what grade you get Ana, I know that you are hard-working and responsible with your duties. The only thing that matters to me is that you learn. Don't be overwhelmed because, when you're older, they won't ask you what English grades you got in school, but they will take into account whether or not you know English. Learn and enjoy it, look at the exam as one more class exercise, and try to relax ".

Sometimes, it is difficult for us to understand what our children go through when, due to their nerves and the responsibility of wanting to do things well, they go blank on an exam. Perhaps to us their burdens seem a trifle, but we must help them overcome it. Let's try to talk with his tutor to explain this fear and tension of our son, so that he considers other aspects in addition to the grade or the tests (teachers are not always sensitive to this matter).

We can also reassure them with an infusion of linden, valerian, lemon balm, etc., with relaxation breathing exercises, with some advice and, above all, with our understanding. Surely in a short time, they will learn to see exams as one more routine within their schoolwork, and thus be able to enjoy what really matters: learning, even if being examined always gives us that little bug in the gut, which makes us be alert .

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