Courage, the best inheritance from grandparents to grandchildren

Courage, the best inheritance from grandparents to grandchildren

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How many teachings, how many experiences can grandparents and the elderly transmit to families, young people, children ...

For all this, it is necessary to reward and thank these older men and women who, unconditionally, contribute values, courage and energy to the new generations.

Talking about spirits in a time of crisis seems difficult, but it is the only weapon we can grasp to combat the problems that surround us. And no one better than the elderly, with their experience and knowledge, to teach us to put into practice that positive attitude in the face of difficulties. Our elders are the protagonists of a family project, they are the support, the refuge, the ones who push and stimulate us.

Grandparents are key pieces in today's families. Support from parents who work and cannot take care of their children all day, and even financial support. They are also educational support and contribution of irreplaceable values ​​and experiences for children.

We believe that this is the best message we can convey to children and grandchildren. It takes courage to build, to move forward, to remain firm in our purposes. What would be your message of encouragement today for society?

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