Risks of a vegetarian diet for children

Risks of a vegetarian diet for children

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The British Medical Association advocates that a vegetarian diet can provide all the nutrients necessary for child growth. Recognize that a child's first steps as a vegetarian are not difficult. However, other research highlights the risks that certain vegetarian eating habits can pose to the health of the baby and the child.

And it is that, the nutritional requirements of a baby are high, he needs more proteins, calcium, and many other nutrients than at any other time in his life. And you will have to get used to consuming cereals, legumes, nuts and seeds, dairy products and derivatives of soy, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Weaning is a gradual process that begins when milk is substituted for solid foods. This change usually takes place when the baby is between 3 and 6 months old. One food is introduced at a time and thus avoid any setback such as allergies. The same process should be used on a vegetarian diet.

If the parents' option is to turn the baby into a vegan, that is, without the consumption of foods of animal origin, it is necessary to be sure to include a large amount of foods rich in nutrients. Vegan children need good sources of calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and protein. Therefore it is important to take into account:

- The random use of unusual diets can cause serious health complications for a child. Before exposing your baby to a vegetarian diet, it is recommended that you fully inform yourself about the benefits and also the disadvantages with your pediatrician.

- Dietary changes or the introduction of diets such as vegetarian, require greater guidance especially when it comes to babies and young children.

- A very strict vegetarian dietDepending on a child's health profile, it can develop iron deficiency in the child's blood, which can cause a delay in its psychomotor development. A deficiency of vitamin B12 that can lead to anemia, and of vitamin D, which can lead to rickets.

- The excess fiber In this type of diet you can reduce calorie consumption, especially in the first years of the baby's life.

This is not to say that all vegetarian children end up going through this situation. What you want to prevent is that the diet is applied without any kind of care and control. Any type of diet should be the subject of serious thought, planning, and the assistance of a nutritionist.

The use of unusual diets in a random way can cause: deficiency of some vitamins and minerals; low calorie intake; water restriction, among other consequences. The total restriction of animal products can even be harmful to the fetus when practiced by a pregnant woman.

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