Myths about food and drink

Myths about food and drink

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Which is better, butter or margarine? Will coffee affect the baby I am expecting? Is bread really that fattening? These are some of the questions we often ask ourselves about some foods.

There are many myths about food and drinks that determine our eating habits and the way we prepare children's menus. It is time to banish some of those popular beliefs that are not true.

Are canned legumes worse? Are they strong on the stomach? If you've ever asked yourself these questions, you may be interested in knowing the true answer. Here you have a selection of foods and drinks and their corresponding myths, erroneous beliefs and doubts that we must clear.

The butter. Is everything they say about eating butter true? On our site we find the answers about the myths that are not true about eating butter.

Legumes. Are legumes as good as they say? On our site we discover the keys to the consumption of legumes in the daily diet. Myths about legumes.

The coffee. Is everything that has to do with coffee true? On our site we discover certain myths about coffee in diet and food that are not true.

Bread. Eating bread has many benefits and some myths that you need to know. On our site we discover what aspects of bread are not true in food.

Water. Are some rules about water consumption true? On our site we discover the keys to what is true and what is a myth about water.

Chocolate and pregnancy. Many things are said about chocolate, not all true. We debunked some myths about chocolate. Chocolate for pregnant women and children.

Dairy. Is everything they say about dairy true? On our site we find the truth about the consumption of dairy in a rich and balanced diet.

The fast food. We analyze some myths about fast food. Fast food or junk food is also present in children's nutrition. We wonder if we should eliminate fast food altogether.

Integral products. Is everything they say about whole foods true? On our site we discover the myths of whole food in a healthy diet.

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