Dictionary of doubts for pregnant women. Letter V

Dictionary of doubts for pregnant women. Letter V

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It is normal that during pregnancy doubts arise related to the well-being of the baby, the development of the gestation or the habits of life. So that you can solve all the questions you are asking yourself, in we have developed a dictionary of terms related to pregnancy. Here you can find an answer to all the words that begin with the letter V.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins appear on the legs as small blue or purple spiders. They usually appear in pregnancy in women who have never had or appear larger in those who already had. Women with a family history are more likely to have them. To prevent them, it is advisable to walk regularly and rest with your legs up.

Vernix caseosa

It is a white substance that covers the baby's skin at birth. It is also called sebaceous daub. It is composed mainly of water, although it also has fat and protein. It begins to form in the 20th week of pregnancy and its function is to protect the delicate and fine skin of the baby.


Changes in hormone levels can cause vomiting and nausea in pregnant women. It is very common for these episodes to be more frequent in the first trimester. Despite the annoyance it entails, they are not serious and can be combated by eating a small amount of food quite frequently.

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