When the pregnancy lasts longer than necessary

When the pregnancy lasts longer than necessary

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The normal duration of pregnancy in humans can be up to 42 weeks - the equivalent of 294 days - counting from the date of the last menstrual period. Above this period we consider it as a chronologically prolonged pregnancy.

What happens in cases in which the future mother goes out of accounts and the baby does not dare to leave?

Excessive length of pregnancy can fundamentally entail risks for the baby or make it difficult to deliver.

1. Big baby at birth: One of the most frequent associations to this circumstance is the larger size of the baby, which can complicate delivery, being more frequent in this case the appearance of problems with the extraction of the shoulders or the need to perform a cesarean section or an instrumental delivery .

2. Lack of amniotic fluid: Chronologically prolonged pregnancy is associated with less amniotic fluid, which is also associated with poor placental function. The placenta ensures nutrients to the future baby and its inadequate functioning can produce a reduced supply of oxygen to the fetus. The latter is also related to the appearance of fetal distress. The lack of amniotic fluid can also lead to kidney problems and cord compression due to a decrease in space in the amniotic cavity. It is also more frequent that in him, meconium appears (the first stool of the newborn).

3. The newborn's appearance is different: On many occasions, these 'post-mature' babies have a very characteristic appearance, wrinkled skin and lanugo - body hair that disappears after a while - and the appearance of having lost weight, with little fat reserve.

4. In exceptional cases, death of the baby: Finally and as a more serious association, excessive prolongation of pregnancy is related to the death of the intrauterine baby.

To avoid all these problems, starting at week 41, it is proposed to carry out an induction of labor, with prostaglandins and synthetic oxytocin, simulating the process that the woman normally performs when the process develops naturally.

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