The more use of tablets and consoles, the worse the school grades

The more use of tablets and consoles, the worse the school grades

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It is a fact that our children live with tablets, smartphones and computers from their early stages of growth. There is no escape, and in reality, there does not have to be one. In short, used well, it can be a great way to learn. But what happens when that use is not done correctly? Experts from the University of Cambrigde have it clear, children who spend a lot of time a day in front of one of these screens get lower grades.

Magazine International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical He has just published a new work in which it is exposed that school performance is impaired in children who spend too much time watching television or playing with consoles, telephones or smartphones.

In addition to school failure and worse grades, other disorders associated with the abuse of screens that have been detected are: llack of sleep, obesity, and aggressive behaviors, since they imitate certain television programs or video games.

Professor Kirsten Corder, from the University of Cambridge, in the United Kingdom, analyzed a group of 845 students with a mean age of 14.5 years. During the time they were seated, the kids spent an average of four hours a day watching television, play with the computer or operate the tablet or smartphone. However, the recommended time that a child has to spend in front of any screen should not exceed 2 hours, and if they are under two years old, they should not invest any time in it.

The researchers of this study state that 'every extra hour spent on screens was associated with 9.3 points less in academic achievement during secondary education'. Therefore, the two extra hours that they detected that the students studied were spending more, meant the loss of 18 points.

However, those children who spent more time reading or doing school tasks instead of using the screens obtained better school scores. Why? Through traditional construction games, puzzles or reading, the child's attention span is more positively stimulated and cognitive development is enhanced. Nevertheless, sitting in front of a screen does not stimulate this facet of the child in the same way.

The study authors strongly advise parents of children at any stage of development to limit their use of technology. It is not about demonizing it, since our children are 'digital natives', but about controlling the use and the time that is invested with it.

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