Fables of Samaniego for children

Fables of Samaniego for children

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With the Fables of Samaniego you can find stories to educate children in values. In these popular short stories children will find valuable lessons about honesty or solidarity.

Children's stories help develop your children's imagination and creativity. With fables, children will discover morals, very interesting little lessons in the form of fun stories.

Felix Maria Samaniego was a Spanish writer who used fables and short stories starring animals and fantastic characters to transmit moral teachings in a simple and fun way.

Fables are a very useful way to teach children values ​​such as respect, tolerance or honesty while they enjoy animal and fantasy stories.

These children's stories are ideal to read to children before going to sleep. Being short stories, they allow the little ones to be entertained without tiring while they learn amoral teaching.

The traditional fables of Samaniego provide children with lessons for their education, but also help to develop their creativity and encourage interest in thechild reading.

The deer and the oxen. our site brings you 'The deer and the oxen', a fable by the famous writer Samaniego for children to learn values ​​through short stories with a final moral.

The eagle, the cat and the javelin. In Guiainfantil you can read 'The eagle, the cat and the javelin', a fable with a message written by Samaniego that talks about honesty and solidarity, two important values ​​for children.

The lion and the fox. Here is 'The lion and the fox', a fable that our site brings you written by Samaniego; for children to learn. This short story has a final moral: teach children to be cautious.

The turtle and the eagle. The turtle and the eagle, a short fable by José Samaniego to read to children. our site offers us a fable with a moral to educate and entertain children. A fable that speaks of the importance of listening to advice, of being humble, honest and supportive.

The farmer and providence. Don't miss out on our site 'El labrador y la providencia', a children's fable by the writer Samaniego for children. It is a short story with a moral and a message to teach children.

The donkey and the wolf. our site invites you to read 'The donkey and the wolf', a short fable for children that has a message or moral that will help you teach important values ​​to your children such as solidarity.

The old man and death. Get to know Samaniego's fable, 'The old man and death', a short Samaniego fable for children. our site brings you short stories for children with a moral to educate and entertain children.

The dog and the crocodile. our site tells you 'The dog and the crocodile'. Children's stories help develop the imagination and creativity of your children and fables help educate them in values ​​thanks to their morals and messages.

The wolf and the dog. The wolf and the dog. Fables with a moral and children's stories to teach children such important values ​​as solidarity, prudence or honesty.

The ax and the handle. our site brings you 'The ax and the handle', a fable for children written by Samaniego. It is a short story for children to learn values ​​through morals.

The ass and the pig. Do not miss 'The ass and the pig', a fable with a moral written by Samaniego, which brings you our site. A short story with which children can learn important lessons.

The boy and the sheep. The fable 'The boy and the sheep' is a short fable for children to learn that they must not deceive or lie. On our site you can find a multitude of children's stories to educate children.

Fables for children. The Fox and the Grapes Fables are a good resource for educating children. This fable teaches children that many times to get what we want we have to face difficulties and that we should not lose interest because of them.

The lion and the Mouse. The fable The lion and the mouse, for children. On our site you can find fables to educate children in values. Popular fable of the lion and the mouse. Short stories with values ​​for children. Children's fables with a moral.

The flies. The flies, a children's fable with a moral. Fables to teach values ​​to children. Short children's stories with a message to educate in values. Children's fables with a moral. This fable teaches children the value of patience and invites them to enjoy the present without anxiety or impulsiveness.

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