The benefits of walking in children

The benefits of walking in children

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The society in which we live promotes sedentary life not only for adults, but also for the little ones. Today, children prefer to stay on the sofa with the tablet or the console and forget to go out to To play outdoors. The consequences of this sedentary lifestyle are directly observed in health.

That is why we are looking for healthy proposals and alternative habits that improve the quality of life of our little ones. In addition to encouraging children to play sports several days a week, we can also instill in them the walking habit, which has multiple benefits.

Instilling children into the habit of walking shouldn't be so difficult. We can introduce the activity with small gestures like walk to school whenever possible or take time each afternoon for a family outing. Because the benefits of walking for children are many.

1. Walking is one of the best exercises to combat childhood obesity, and we will be creating a habit for life. Being a simple activity, walking is appropriate for everyone, children, adults and seniors regardless of their physical condition.

2. One of the greatest benefits of walking is seen in Physical Health, improving endurance, agility and taking care of cardiovascular health. Lung capacity is also benefited with this simple gesture like going for a walk every day.

3. It is one of the most complete physical activities, because walking is still a aerobic exercise which is also free and has all the benefits of being at fresh air.

4. The mood it is also enhanced with a walk, especially if it can be done in a forest or on the beach. We cannot forget that hiking is one of the favorite activities for children and a good opportunity to discover nature.

5. Brisk walking for half an hour each day also improves school performance in children, it promotes concentration, improves learning ability and stimulates imagination.

6. Those children who already suffer from stress at an early age find in this exercise of walking one of their best allies because it promotes relaxation and teaches them to breathe properly.

7. If the walk is also done as a family, it is one of the best opportunities to encourage family chat and create ties of complicity among the whole family.

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