Behavior problems in children

Behavior problems in children

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The main reason why the parents went to the child-adolescent psychologist's consultation are behavior problems. These are usually children who find it difficult to internalize the rules and limits, find it difficult to obey, question authority, challenge parents ... and these are often overwhelmed by the situation, and see that they need help to solve the problem, or they consider that there has to be an easier way to achieve good daily functioning.

In these cases, the success of therapy depends on the parents being involved. When parents follow the guidelines and norms established in therapy, problems are usually solved with relative ease.

But, How are these cases handled in the consultation of a psychologist?Parents are asked to record those behaviors or conflict situations with their children, and to collect them as accurately as possible. Noting the day and time it is, where they are, what they are doing, who they are, what the child is doing or saying, and what they or other adults or family members present do or say.

Once we have that material, we analyze it with them, and we will shelve it, until we know what happens to the childBecause it acts that way, and above all, we give parents guidelines for action, how they have to act in those situations. Children often want to get the attention of their parents, and they know that by misbehaving, even if it is attention based on yelling and reprimands, they have it. That is why in psychology we often work from what is called reinforcement and extinction.

One of the causes that could explain the increase in these cases is the sense of guilt that crushes many parents. They feel guilty for spending little time with their children, and the little time they spend with them makes it difficult for them to set rules and limits.

Every time we see parents of children of younger ages, if before it was usual for parents to come when the child was 4 or 5 years old, now We see many parents of 2 and 3 year old children, and some even of month old babies.

Behavioral difficulties are the main reason for the demand for therapy both in childhood and adolescence. However, in the study * carried out on the demand in the child and adolescent area at the Álava Reyes Psychology Center, the prevalence was higher in children than in adolescents, and in men than in women (44.6% of children compared to 32.1% of women), and more frequent in the youngest age group. (Up to 12 years old).

When the parents follow the established guidelines well and are involved in therapy, these cases tend to improve rapidly, and they do not usually take a very high number of sessions, in a few sessions they begin to notice the improvement.

* Total number of cases reviewed 515.

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