The ignorant doctor. Aesop's Fable for Children

The ignorant doctor. Aesop's Fable for Children

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Fables and children's stories favor the development of children's personalities. Through the moral of the fable 'The ignorant doctor' you can help your children to discover important values.

Stimulating reading contributes to developing children's creativity, imagination, intelligence, and verbal and concentration skills. Books enrich us all and that leads us to dive into adventures, stories, and rich information.

There was a patient to whom many doctors had assured that, although he was not in danger, his illness would be of long duration; but there was an ignorant doctor who told him to take all his provisions because the next day would not happen.

After some time the sick man got up and came out pale and walking with difficulty. Our doctor found him and said:

"How are the inhabitants of hell, my friend?"

- Calm down - he answered -, because they have drunk the water of the Lecteo. But lately Hades and Death were making terrible threats against the doctors because they don't let the sick die, and they were all pointed out in their book. They were going to target you too, but I threw myself at their feet swearing that you were not a real doctor and saying that they had accused you without reason.

MoralBe careful with those who try to fix your problems without having preparation for it.

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