Advantages and disadvantages of pregnancy in summer

Advantages and disadvantages of pregnancy in summer

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Most couples prefer to plan their pregnancy to accommodate their work times or personal needs. Now that many women can decide when is the best time to get pregnant, we wonder about the best time of year to have the baby.

Spending the last trimester of pregnancy in the summer has its advantages, but also its drawbacks. The discomfort of pregnancy in its final stretch intensifies and the truth is that in summer it is hotter, but we also have more free time to rest. We analyze the advantages and disadvantages of pregnancy in summer.

The main obstacle to overcome during the last trimester of pregnancy in summer is the heat. Depending on the area in which we live, the summer months can be very uphill since our body temperature in this final stretch of pregnancy also increases. Insomnia, hot flashes and fatigue will be the main disadvantages of a pregnant summer.

We must also take into account the considerable weight gain in this last quarter and the heat does not exactly help us feel better. The most typical discomforts of pregnancy, such as swelling in the legs and in other parts of the body they flare up in the summer months and the only way to alleviate them a bit is to hydrate ourselves by drinking plenty of water.

And drinking plenty of water to protect ourselves from the heat leads us to increase the continuous urge to urinate now that the uterus presses on the bladder. But as we say, not all are disadvantages with pregnancy in summer and some of the disadvantages, such as the little desire to do exerciseFor example, we can always turn it around.

Because in summer we have more free time to rest and coinciding with the holidays, we can take advantage of the beach days to walk on the sand or swim, an exercise that can help us a lot in this last stage of pregnancy. The main advantages of spending the summer pregnant are in that free time without stress and without haste that we can take advantage of to deal with relieving the discomfort of pregnancy.

Another advantage of being pregnant in summer is something more material and refers to clothing. Maternity clothes, which are usually more expensive than usual clothes, are replaced in summer by wide dresses that, in addition to being inexpensive, are extremely comfortable and lightweight. What's more, Sun It brings countless physical and emotional benefits to pregnant women, as long as we take the appropriate protective measures.

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