Children with amblyopia or lazy eye

Children with amblyopia or lazy eye

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Amblyopia is commonly known as a lazy eye. It is an eye that cannot see one hundred percent, that is, it cannot distinguish certain objects clearly or see smaller letters.

However, for optometry, the science that studies the behavior of the eye, it is an eye with learning disabilities, since it has difficulties not only to see clearly but also has difficulties to focus, move the eyes correctly and work in conjunction with the other eye.

It is important to know that amplitude can occur in only one or both eyes. In this case, neither of the two eyes can see 100%. However, the most common is that it occurs in only one eye.

But how do you know if your child has a lazy eye? If amblyopia occurs in both eyes, it is possible that children do not know what it is to see well, so they can have great difficulties in verbalizing that something is happening to them, therefore it often goes unnoticed. In the case that it only occurs in one eye, the child has a good eye to see correctly, so he does not usually complain about or express that he does not see correctly and, again, goes unnoticed.

In this way, until a medical examination is performed, experts do not realize that there is a vision problem. In these cases, the amplitude is usually advanced, and visual acuity has been losing.

Although the child does not know how to express that he has a vision problem, some symptoms can put us on track: noticing that he has difficulty seeing letters at a distance, he winks, they are clumsier than normal children because they have difficulties moving around the environment and do not coordinate as well as other classmates.

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