Warts in children. Causes and treatment

Warts in children. Causes and treatment

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Warts are not a health hazard for children, but they should always be removed. In reality, warts are benign tumors that appear on the skin and although the mere mention of the word tumor may terrify us, the truth is that they are not dangerous, but they are unsightly and also contagious.

So that children do not create a complex with warts, it is better to treat them as soon as possible, so it is advisable to visit the pediatrician instead of opting for a home remedy. We analyze the causes and seek the best treatments for infant warts.

The cause of the appearance of warts in children is the Human Papilloma Virus. There are several types of this virus, but in its mildest form called low risk, so it is not convenient to be upset or worry about the health of children. The biggest problem with warts and the virus that causes them is their ease of contagion. The appearance of a single wart can cause the infected area to fill with small warts by the simple touch.

But if the Human Papilloma Virus is the origin of the infant warts, there are other causes that can trigger them, such as a weak immune system or poor circulation. The most frequent areas of appearance of warts in children is on the hands, especially on the fingers around the nails and also on the feet.

It is necessary to try that the warts do not spread over more areas and for this it is best to eliminate them. The pediatrician will indicate the best treatment to eliminate infant warts, although the most popular method is cryotherapy freezing the wart with a cooling liquid that will have to be applied several times. Cryotherapy can be done at home and can be practiced on children from 4 years.

The cauterization Warts is another of the most common treatments in which the affected area actually burns, so it can present some risk to children's skin. For deeper warts it may be necessary to resort to surgical removal, a safe method with very good results. But today, the future of wart removal lies in the laser treatment, faster, safer and with less risk.

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