Phrases of the thinker Augusto Cury on education

Phrases of the thinker Augusto Cury on education

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For the Brazilian thinker Augusto Cury, there is no better treasure than intelligence. Intelligence understood as wisdom. That intelligence that is acquired above all, observing and learning from others. Therefore, for him the education of children is essential. That they can learn from their parents and teachers. But above all, from his parents. This is the way to help children to be smart.

In the small details lies the fundamental ingredient to educate children, an education that is built day by day and that is irremediably linked to emotional intelligence, to the child's ability to control and manage their emotions. Boost children's self-esteem, connect with them and arm themselves with large doses of patience, are some of his wise advice.

1. A healthy and complete education, emotional and intellectual, builds a strong self-esteem and a critical attitude towards the models that are presented. A well-built personality is the best weapon against tyranny.

2. If parents do not know how to accept our mistakes, we will not be able to teach our children to accept theirs and grow with them. If we do not apologize, we cannot teach how not to be arrogant, if we do not admit our insecurity, we cannot teach them to transcend their failures ...

3. Children do not need giant parents, but human beings who speak their language and who are able to penetrate their hearts.

4. Many parents work to give the world to their children, but they forget to open the book of their life for them.

5. If you educate the emotional intelligence of your children with praise when they expect an anger, with encouragement when they expect an aggressive reaction, with a loving attitude when they expect an attack of rage, they will be delighted and they will see a person with greatness in you. Parents thus become agents of change.

6. Parents and children live very far apart. They rarely cry together and never talk about their dreams, their sorrows, joys and frustrations.

7. Educating is sowing wisely and reaping with patience.

8. Prepare your child to be, for the world will prepare him to have.

9. Love and admiration are only deep if they are spontaneous. Otherwise, servants and not free people will be created to decide.

10. Educating is not repeating words, it is creating ideas, it is enchanting.

Phrases by Augusto Cury, Brazilian psychiatrist and thinker.

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