Recipes with soy for children. Healthy and easy

Recipes with soy for children. Healthy and easy

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Soy was not common in food until a few years ago, but today its consumption is very popular. It is a staple in vegan and vegetarian diets, but very healthy for children under all circumstances.

Soy is a legume that was consumed in Asia (China, Japan, Taiwan ...) until the 20th century, when it has spread to the West. The nutritional properties of soy have made it a very popular and versatile ingredient, it combines with sweet and savory flavors and can be used in many recipes.

For children allergic to dairy, soymilk has become the ideal substitute; bean sprouts are incorporated into salads and tofu, or tofu, is prepared in various ways. Soy is high in protein and very low in fat, making it very useful for preventing childhood obesity. It's also very low in sugar, which can make it a useful ingredient for diabetic children.

Try the recipes that we propose with this healthy legume. A way to add variety and new flavors to children's diets. With soybeans can be prepared countless very healthy and nutritious recipes for children.

Russian soy fillets for children. Russian soy fillets recipe for children. If your child has not tried eating soy until today, this is a good time to try it. You are going to love these rich rich steaks made in a very homemade way and with soy. You will tell us.

Soy burgers. This recipe for soy burgers is very easy to make, tasty and very healthy. healthy vegetarian ducks for kids Step by step recipe for soy burgers for children.

Soy croquettes. Soy croquettes recipe for children. What kids don't like croquettes? Very few, right? Surely many children are going to love the croquettes that our site offers on this occasion.

Soy meatballs. Soy meatballs recipe for children. This is a recipe that cannot be absent from the table of families who enjoy a healthy meal and also do not offer so many calories. This recipe for soy or soy meatballs is simple and quick to prepare, and is ideal for both an aperitif at family celebrations, as well as for children's dinner.

Green soy soup. In this recipe for green soybean or mung bean soup you will find a healthy and delicious dinner for children, suitable for vegetarians and with many nutrients.

Salad with bean sprouts. This recipe for green salad with bean sprouts and apple provides a lot of nutrients necessary for the growth of children and is useful for a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Breaded Tofu recipe. Breaded Tofu recipe. Vegetarian food for children. Prepare this recipe for breaded tofu, a vegan recipe for children that will solve a dinner quickly. A simple and homemade dish to prepare with many nutrients to combat obesity and overweight.

Soya bean and pumpkin soup. Soya and pumpkin seed soup, a perfect recipe for vegetarians and for children to eat protein in a tasty and simple way.

Soy, carrot and apple muffin. For all those who are looking for healthy and delicious recipes for their children, brings them carrot and apple muffins with soy, an ingredient little known but highly recommended in the diet of our children.

Soy croquettes. Soy croquettes recipe for children. How to make soy croquettes for children's lunch or dinner. A healthy recipe to take care of children's nutrition.

Soy burger. How to make a nutritious soy burger for children's lunch or dinner. Soy burger recipe for kids. How to make a soy burger recipe.

Soy gelatin with pineapple and carrot. Soy gelatin recipe for the whole family. An ideal dessert for dieters and children with overweight. How to make a soy gelatin dessert with very few calories.

Northern chicharrón with soy. Northern pork rind recipe with soy. How to make northern chicharrón, a typical recipe from Mexico. Recipe with soy for the whole family's menu.

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