How to make the child lose his fear of the plane

How to make the child lose his fear of the plane

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The phobia of flying or getting on a plane is not exclusive to adults, children can also suffer from it. If in the most serious cases of phobia you have to go to a specialist, for that slight fear of the plane we have some tricks. Children will be delighted to get on the plane. How to make the child lose the fear to the plane.

Now that the holidays are coming, many families take plane trips. Most children love to get on the plane, but some are afraid of flying. That fear of the airplane, as in the case of adults, is a fear of the unknown. How is it possible that an airplane can fly and transport us safely from one place to another? Without the need to give aeronautics lessons, we can prepare the child a while before.

If the child is afraid of the plane we can try some weeks before the trip by plane to tell him stories about airplanes, to mentally draw him a panorama in which the plane is that means of transport that takes him to magical places. Let your imagination not lack to present you the flight as a unique opportunity to discover wonderful things.

It can also help a lot when the child loses his fear of the plane by buying him some toy airplanes or a model to build the plane as a family while each one imagines the perfect trip. And if possible, you have to take the child to the airport to get familiar with real airplanes and see that people behave naturally and not fearfully.

When it comes time, that is, when it is time to get on the plane, the best method for the child to lose his fear of flying is to entertain him and distract him with something he likes. Many airlines allow children to visit the cockpit so that they see that the flight is safe and feel more confident, but it is not always possible.

Carrying a portable DVD can make it easier for your child to entertain his favorite movie without even realizing that he is on an airplane. But in the key moments that cause the most concern, such as the takeoff or the landing you have to improvise. You can play 'I see I see' at those times and give them candy or lollipops to alleviate minor discomfort in the ears.

During the flight the child can stay entertained and forget about your fears by playing to create stories about the rest of the passengers or playing the role of pilot and deciding a different destination. Bringing her favorite toy, some drawings and coloring pencils or a bunch of stickers that can be sticked on her handbag are some of the essentials. Because in addition to the child's fear of flying, we must take into account the fear of other passengers to fly with children.

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