What to do when your child urinates on himself

What to do when your child urinates on himself

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Support and trust are demonstrations with which parents can help their children overcome any difficulty no matter how serious it may be. Not knowing how to control urine, that is, not being able to stop the will to urinate, is one of these situations in which children most need the support, understanding and help of their parents to overcome them.

Also, parents can follow some tips on what NOT to do when the child urinates on himself:

- Punish and make fun of the child for urinating. That will increase your insecurity.

- Waking you up during the night in case you feel like emptying your bladder.

- Use gauze or diapers. The child will not worry about creating the mechanism of waking up when he feels the urge to urinate.

- Restricting fluids before bed. It will do the same.

- Resort to the use of herbs, natural methods, and medicines, without a medical prescription.

- Give up and allow the child to pee whenever he wants. Lack of worry without helping you solve the problem.

- Extremely protect the child. The child with enuresis must face his problem.

In some rare cases, the problem of enuresis cannot be solved by the parents, the family doctor, or the pediatrician. Sometimes the child shows symptoms of emotional problems, such as constant sadness or irritability, or a change in appetite or sleeping habits.

In those cases you should speak to a child psychiatrist. Only he will be able to assess the problem, and help the child and his parents to solve that problem.

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